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Another Word For Euphemism

Joe Biden has started doing press briefing about the policies he intends to implement in his Presidency. And every time I hear him speak, I have a greater understanding of why certain people like Donald Trump so much. Right or wrong; good, bad or indifferent, Trump put it out there. It was refreshing but also a shock to the system at times to hear a politician speak so plainly, so bluntly. You may not have liked it or agreed with what he was saying, but you always knew where you stood with Donald Trump. And if you stood in America, he was on your side.

Biden speaks in soft soothing tones lulling the listener to sleep as he spews his euphemism which disguise what he really intends to do. If you don’t know, the word euphemism is actually a euphemism for a lie. A euphemism sounds nice and pleasing, but it usually is not, at least not for the average citizen.

There is an inverse relationship between levels of tone and levels of bad in the way certain politicians speak. The more soothing and calmer the tone, the worse what it is they are saying. If what these politicians were saying was actually good for the people, they wouldn’t need to use euphemisms and temper their tones.

Biden spoke about forming an “international coalition” on foreign policy. If you don’t know, an “international coalition” is a euphemism for allowing the rest of the world to compromise American sovereignty and put American interests secondary to their own interests. In other words, allow other countries to rip-off America and its people.

Here is a list of the euphemisms you will hear from this new administration over the next four years and their meanings, so you can follow along:

Tough on China – appeasing China

Transparency - 1) you must believe my lies, 2) our opponents must admit to our lies about them

Voter Suppression - insuring that dead people and illegal immigrants don’t vote

Voting Integrity - anyone being allowed to vote without ID, proof of residency or citizenship, and not requiring matching signatures

Fair Election - the election we won

Fraudulent Election - the election they won

Peaceful Transition of Power - 1) your candidate conceding the election no matter how much evidence of voter fraud there is, 2) our candidate challenging election results to the Supreme Court, or investigating false claims of foreign interference in an election our candidate lost, 3) setting up a shadow government led by the FBI to undermine and delegitimize our duly-elected opponent’s authority and standing as President

The People - the human beings who voted for us

Rights - actions and behaviors that we will allow the citizens to do

Bi-Partisan - our opponent must do as we say or they are obstructionists

Increase Revenue - raise taxes

Investment – increase government spending

Soaking the Rich - raising middle class taxes while protecting our billionaire donors

Tax Cuts for The Rich - our opponents wanting to cut middle-class taxes

Greedy Rich People - the millionaires and billionaires who did not donate to my campaign

Protecting Middle Class Jobs - signing trade agreements that send middle class jobs to Mexico and China

Fairness - a word that means someone is about to get screwed

Economic Fairness - taking money from one person and giving it to someone else

Freedom of Speech - citizens being allowed to say what we approve of

Freedom of Political Expression - any political post that Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg do not block on their sites

Censorship - our opponents questioning our false narratives

Hate speech - any political speech that we disagree with

Common-Sense – my political beliefs

Haters – anyone who disagrees with me

Fair-minded – anyone who agrees with me

Extreme – 1) our opponent’s political positions, 2) following the Constitution

Mean-Spirited – telling the truth

Academic Freedom – thoughts, ideas, curricula that doesn’t violate politically-correct ideological orthodoxy of the educational institution

Progressivism - a political ideology that regresses our country to less freedom and more government control

Progressive - a socialist

Socialist - a communist

Peaceful Protests - our supporters burning buildings, looting stores, setting cars on fire and bashing people’s heads in

Riots - our opponents’ supporters walking arm in arm peacefully singing hymns

Stacking the Court - constitutional appointment and confirmation of a highly qualified justice

Judicial Equity - adding five extra justices to the Supreme Court to swing the ideological power to our side

The Public’s Interest – the policy that is best for our political party and donors

Follow the Science – selectively using statistics and scientific studies to support our agenda

Public Health – a term used to help strong-arm the citizens to do what we say

Mitigation – forcing the citizens to follows rules and lockdowns that we do not follow ourselves

Common Sense Gun Laws - gun confiscation

The Gun Lobby – legal gun owners

Undocumented Worker – illegal alien

Dreamer - illegal alien

Comprehensive Immigration Reform - giving 20 million illegal aliens amnesty

Xenophobes – 1) anyone who supports border security or is against unfettered immigration, 2) anyone who does not want drugs, drug runners, MS-13 gang members or terrorists coming into our country

Right to Choose – abortion

Women’s Health – abortion

Terminate a Pregnancy - abortion

Abortion - killing an unborn baby

Microaggression – a made-up word designed to deem ordinary, everyday expressions and behaviors as racist or bigoted because we can’t find very many actual incidences of racism or bigotry anymore

Cultural Appropriation – embracing and expressing ideas, products, fashions, and designs of other cultures

Ethnocentric - not embracing and expressing ideas, products, fashions, and designs of other cultures

White Flight - white people moving out the city to the suburbs

Gentrification - white people moving out of the suburbs to the city

Diversity - legal discrimination based on race, gender, religion, lifestyle, etc.

Intersectionality - a system of superiority which discriminates based on group identity to combat discrimination based on group identity

Homophobes – heterosexuals who mind their own business


Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He is a frequent contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.

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Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach and executive. He is a frequent contributer to the website Real Clear Politics, and has recently published his first novel, No Wind

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