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I watched the documentary, The Accountant of Auschwitz, on Netflix the other night, and was struck by the disingenuous references to Nazis as right-wingers. This is a dangerous lie that is continually pushed on the public. The left likes to present Nazis and Fascists as if they are simply more extreme versions of present-day conservatives, like conservatives are Nazi-lite. Conservatives and Nazis/Fascists are polar opposites. True conservatives believe in small government, private property, lowering taxes, reducing regulations, the primacy of the individual, and the supremacy of our Constitution and the bill of rights; everything that fascists and totalitarians reject. The extremes of conservatism logically leads to libertarianism, not to totalitarianism, and in there lies the stark difference.

Donald Trump was often accused of being a totalitarian. How can a President who gave us the largest tax cut in history, cut the most regulations than any president before him, and appointed originalist justices to the Supreme Court be characterized as a totalitarian?

So, which politicians in our country today behave most like fascists? Those who are in bed with the Big Tech monopolies to shut down free speech and monitor every aspect of the people’s lives; those who reject school choice vouchers, and want to indoctrinate our children to their ideologies through a forced public education; those who locked down our schools, our businesses, our places of worship, and forced us to wear a mask 24/7; those who want to punish and segregate people who do not take the state-provided experimental vaccines; those who want to dramatically raise taxes, and expand government; those who want the state to control the energy industry thus controlling the means of production; those who unconstitutionally changed the elections laws to benefit their re-election; those who believe the meaning of the Constitution can be reinterpreted so they are no longer constrained by the original intent of the words are all behaving like fascists.

We look at politics the wrong way. There is not the left and the right, where the extreme left is communism, and the extreme right is fascism, rather the political spectrum runs from statism on one side to individualism on the other. Those who believe in expanding the role and power of government into people’s lives are trending toward fascism and totalitarianism, and those who believe reducing the size and scope of governmental power are moving toward constitutionalism and libertarianism.

But somehow along the way, the true totalitarian nature of socialism and communism is overlooked, and the history of the atrocities committed in the name of those ideologies are glossed over. For over 70 years after the holocaust, there were Nazi hunters scouring the planet to find, convict and punish any person who had anything to do with the Nazis. Rightfully so. Those evil people needed to be brought to justice. And, thankfully, thousands were.

But has there been the same type of reaction to the people who perpetrated the 100 million murders of innocent citizens at the hands of communists in the 20th century? When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, where were the zealous righteous people searching out Stalin’s loyalists who helped to murder 20 million peasants in Russia? Or hunting down the people who ran the gulags torturing and killing millions of dissidents? Were those murderers brought justice? Did anyone even try? Where is the outcry against the concentration camps in China torturing and murdering the Uighurs?

It appears that if your totalitarianism is shrouded under the flowery language of Marx and communism, you get a free pass for the atrocities you commit. You can torture and murder all you want. Politicians and corporations praised and financed Black Lives Matter which was founded by two devout communists, as their organization burned and looted cities for 4 months in 2020. Any organization that had even the thinnest connection to the Nazis would be shut down and cancelled immediately, rightfully so. Yet we allow an equally evil ideology like communism into the public discourse unscathed. Does United States Senator Bernie Sanders who is a professed communist get cancelled? Are his accounts on Facebook and Twitter suspended like President Trump’s? Of course not.

When I hear someone espouse the ideology of communism, it is the same to me as if they were reciting from the Mein Kampf. Both ideologies are equally evil because they both necessitate a totalitarian control of the country, suspension of the basic civil rights, elimination private property, government control of banks and industry, indoctrination through the public school system, incarceration and even killing political dissidents.

This is where our country is headed. The documentary raised the question, ‘how could so many of the German citizens have supported the Nazis?’ We are witnessing the answer in real time, as the socialist/communist takeover of our country and turn it into a totalitarian state, and about half of our citizens are not only on board, but ecstatic. Like many of the German citizens, Americans who support this totalitarian transformation of the United States do not fully understand exactly what is going on.

Politicians lie. Politicians lied in the 1930s Germany, and they’re lying in 2021 America. The media is easily corrupted. It was corrupted by the Nazis, and it is corrupted by the people who wield power in the United States today. Many Germans were completely misinformed or uninformed about the true nature of the Nazism because the German media was simply a propagandist arm of the Nazis. The people did not have the benefit of the knowledge that we have of Nazism today. They were only exposed to the propaganda of the Nazis. And that is similar to what we are facing today in America. We have, essentially, a state-run media because the media is in bed with a Democratic party and doing their bidding for them. They are the Democrat attack dogs, and also their most strident propagandists.

Joe Biden, our President, has not been asked one challenging question on any subject; the border, inflation, the economy, gas prices, Russian hacking, China’s military build-up, since he took office? President Trump was attacked incessantly for four straight years by the press, and our media asks Joe Biden what his favorite ice cream flavor is, as our country is falling apart.

Joe Biden used the 100-year anniversary of the Tulsa massacre to claim that, “the biggest threat to our country is from white supremacy.” Not ISIS, not Al Qaeda, not Iran, not Russia, not China, not the Mexican drug cartels, not opioids, not unbridled inflation. No. White supremacy. And there was no push back. He must continually flog our country for a race crime committed 100 years ago, but never speaks out against the genocide being committed by the Chinese Communist Party today. And when Joe Biden says white supremacy, he means white conservatives. Hitler convinced Germany that the Jews were the biggest threat to their country, and he repeated that lie again and again and again, until it became the truth in the minds of the people, just as Joe Biden, and his cohorts keep repeating this lie about white supremacy again and again and again, until his vilification over 70 million citizens becomes the truth in their minds.

So, this is how people end up supporting evil ideologies, when the people who were charged to expose the evil, the media, climb in bed with the evil; they then wrongly paint the innocent as evil, while promoting their own evil and presenting it as good.


Judd Garrett is a graduate from Princeton University, and a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He is a contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.

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תגובה אחת

07 ביוני 2021

JG your last paragraph was so telling.

Those in power are in the midst of a governmental orgy as they whisper lies to one another and then yell it from the rooftop. The worst thing is our supposed president continually beating the race card while saying he wants to unite the country.

The lies he regurgitates are constant as he is held up as a media darling, pampered and polished as a princess.


Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach and executive. He is a frequent contributer to the website Real Clear Politics, and has recently published his first novel, No Wind

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