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Last week, actor and podcaster, Russell Brand was accused of rape and sexual assault by four different women, causing his agent to drop him and his concert tour to be cancelled. These accusations are all from over 10 years ago, and Brand absolutely denies and refutes the allegations. He has been very open and remorseful about his past life of promiscuity and has even written about that life in his autobiography, but he claims that every sexual encounter was completely consensual. But now, over a decade later, four women have come forward to accuse him of rape. It's strange that all four women who didn’t say a word about being raped for more than a decade, suddenly decided to come forward at the same time, independent of each other.

I don’t know if any of these allegations against Russell Brand are true or not, and if they are true, he should be held to the full account of the law. What is odd is that these allegations are only coming out now in 2023 when the alleged assaults occurred between 2006 and 2013. Why did these women wait so long? The typical answer is that they were scared that Brand’s fame and star power would crush them, but then why didn’t they come forward during the #MeToo movement when many prominent people from Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose were taken down? Why didn’t they make these charges during that time when women who made allegations of sexual assault were not only immediately believed, but became heroes in the media?

The main reason why no one accused Russell Brand of sexual crimes until now, is because up until recently, he was an outspoken liberal. His very lifestyle of promiscuity directly refuted the values that conservatives believe in and represented the sexual immorality that the left promotes. So, in 2017 and 2018 when the #MeToo movement was at its height, Brand was protected because his beliefs were aligned with the left. These allegations from four different women only came out after Russell brand started speaking religiously and conservatively.

He has become strong Christian, saying things like, “We are a species that worships, and if you do not access the divine, you will worship the Mondial, you will worship the profane, you will worship your own identity, you will worship your belongings, you will worship the template laying before you by a culture that… gets you distracted and relatively dumb.” People who are spiritual and do not subscribe to a materialist worldview, are less likely to be lured into the consumer driven society where buying more and more things is a sign of success and happiness. So, those who promote spirituality need to be silenced by corporate America whose profits rely on mindless consumerism. They need us to live in the Mondial, the profane, so they can maintain their billionaire lifestyle off of our degradation.

Brand’s biggest crime is that he has spoken out against Big Pharma and the Military Industrial Complex in Washington. He said on Bill Maher’s show, “The pandemic created, at least, 40 new big Pharma billionaires. Pharmaceutical corporations, like Moderna and Pfizer, made a $1,000 of profit every second from the Covid-19 vaccine. More than two-thirds of Congress received campaign funding from pharmaceutical companies in the 2020 election. Pfizer chairman, Albert Bouria, told Time magazine in July, 2020 that his company was developing a Covid vaccine for the good of humanity, not for money. And of course, Pfizer made $100 billion in profit in 2022. You, the American public, funded the development of that. When I came to the profits, they took the profits, when came to the funding, you paid for the funding.”

When Maher challenged Brand’s assertions and defended Big Pharma, Brand responded by saying, “all I’m querying is this, is if you have an economic system in which pharmaceutical companies benefit hugely from medical emergencies, where military industrial complex benefits from war, where energy companies benefit from energy crises, you’re going to generate states of perpetual crises, where the interest of ordinary people are separate from the interest of the elite.” He logically questioned how the billionaires in our country accumulated their billions, and when you ask questions like that, you must be taken down. And the best way to take down a person like Russell Brand is to accuse him of sexual assault from over 10 years ago where guilt does not depend on proof and evidence. Remember what they tried to do to Brett Kavanaugh. If these allegations against Brand are false and solely politically motivated, then the accusers are endangering women. Every false accusation of rape makes an actual accusation of rape that much less believable, and fewer actual rapists will be held accountable.

This is very similar to the Bill Cosby situation. Cosby had been sexually assaulting women for decades. It was an open secret throughout Hollywood, and nobody said a word about it, until he decided to get up at the NAACP award ceremony in 2004, go off script, and tell black America to stop blaming their problems on racism and white people, and start taking responsibility and accountability for your lives. At that point, Bill Cosby would no longer be protected because he was no longer towing the liberal line. He lifted the curtain and exposed the highly lucrative “Racial Industrial Complex”, and had to be taken down. Had Cosby simply continued to repeat the liberal claptrap that America is systemically racist, all white people are racist, and black people are perpetually victims, he would have never spent a day in jail for his crimes. He would never have even been charged with a crime. If the press and the left are only acting on these allegations because of their potential to silence a conservative voice, then it is as if they are assaulting these women a second time. When you exploit someone’s tragedy, solely for your own gain, you are victimizing the person all over again.

These people don’t really care about the women who are raped. They only care about women who are raped when they can exploit that rape to destroy their political enemies. It’s the same thing with the Black Lives Matter movement. BLM and the people on the left claim to care about protecting black lives, but they are eerily silent about the thousands and thousands of black people who are murdered every year by other black people – at a rate which is five times greater than any other race of people murders their own. Not one person from BLM or from the left ever mentions that because those murders cannot be exploited for their political purposes. When over 90% of the black people who are killed are killed by other black people and less than 1% of the black people who are killed are killed by police officers, and they spend almost all of their time, energy, money and resources, going after the police, they don’t really care about black lives.

Predictably, earlier this week, Tim Ballard, the anti-child sex trafficking activist and the real-life inspiration for the hit conservative movie "Sound of Freedom," was accused of sexual misconduct by seven women – all of whom have been granted anonymity. So, the man who has spent decades saving hundreds of children from being sex trafficked, is now being accused of sexual assault by seven women who remain anonymous. Did he really commit these heinous acts, or is his crime being a cultural hero to the right because he stood up and fought against sexual exploitation of children that the left wants to normalize.

The powerful and the elite who are making billions of dollars off of our corrupt system, cannot allow anyone to speak out against the corrupt system that generates their profits. On his Tucker Carlson Tonight show on Fox News, like Russel Brand, Tucker Carlson consistently called out Big Pharma and challenged the Military Industrial Complex, and surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, Carlson – the number one rated cable news host – was unceremoniously fired and Fox News attempted to silence him on social media.

What they are doing to Russell Brand is what they tried to do to Donald Trump. Trump has been accused by 26 different women of sexual misconduct, and coincidentally, all of those accusations came out weeks prior the 2016 election. So, a multi-billionaire who had been prominent in the public eye for over 40 years and had never been accused of sexual assault in his lifetime, suddenly is accused by 26 different women, all at the same time, all weeks before his Presidential election. And when the sexual assault accusations didn’t work, they made up four other crimes to indict him with to keep him off the ballot. The elite and the powerful know that a second term of Trump is a direct threat to the corruption in Washington that they depend on, so it has become their mission to prevent Trump from ever being in the White House again.

If the people on the left and in the media are so concerned about sexual assault, why is there very little curiosity as to who was on the client list of Jeffrey Epstein? Epstein was a known pedophile, who hobnobbed with the world’s richest and most powerful men on his island where the sexual assaults occurred, and his female assistant, Ghislaine Maxwell is the only person sitting in prison for the sexual assaults of underage girls at that island. If Epstein‘s client list solely consisted of Republican politicians, we would’ve seen that list five years ago.

We’re supposed to be concerned with decades old sexual assault accusations against Russell Brand at the same time that Joe Biden has open our southern border which has dramatically increased child sex trafficking and child rape in America. We’re supposed to be concerned about sexual assaults when the people on the left are pushing to have men going into women’s bathrooms and locker rooms, and drag queens into elementary school classrooms to sexualize the children.

As I stated earlier, if Russell Brand actually committed sexual assault, he should be convicted. There is no justification for that. But if he is guilty, how evil is the left that they were so willing to ignore the sexual assaults committed by people like Brand and Cosby simply because they espoused their left-wing ideology and propaganda. It was only when they started speaking conservatively, that the left decided to hold them accountable for their alleged crimes. So according to the left, the real crime committed by Cosby and Brand was not sexual assault, their crime was advocating for conservative principles and ideologies because to the left, that is more-evil than rape.


Judd Garrett is a graduate from Princeton University, and a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He has been a contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.

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Sam Dehne
Sam Dehne
Sep 24, 2023



Media headlines galore! The latest: 4 dubious accusations. To go with treachery like

FOUR mendacious "indictments", etc. etc.. ad infinitum

Doesn't the vast majority of America's media deserve to be tarred and feathered

(FOR A LONG PERIOD).. and then drawn and quartered (SLOWLY)???

Along with most of the buckfidens's cartels and their commie China bosses???

One person is happy. This guy:




Jack Hiller
Jack Hiller
Sep 20, 2023

Thanks Judd for these smart, accurate explanations of the "Liberal" mentality at work. Good thing that this mortal life is not all there is, but only a theater for education when we are not existing in God's Heaven.


Joel Deutsch
Joel Deutsch
Sep 20, 2023

and then there was Tara Reade...

Sam Dehne
Sam Dehne
Sep 24, 2023
Replying to

She is "just" another victim of Joe buttfidens's cartels'

perfidious cowards

He is as guilty as he and his commie cronies are

guilty of premeditatedly destroying America.


Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach and executive. He is a frequent contributer to the website Real Clear Politics, and has recently published his first novel, No Wind

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