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Capitalism for Me; Communism for Thee

It’s always fun to watch people on the left, expose their hypocrisy and reveal who they really are. Case in point, the Hollywood actors and writers’ strike. I don’t really care if the strike ever gets resolved because over the last decade, Hollywood has produced very little of any quality worth viewing. Since the 1960’s, Hollywood, which is unapologetically far left and socialist, and even communist, has been increasingly injecting more and more socialist and Marxist propaganda into their movies and TV shows. Now, most of what is put out by Hollywood is anti-American, anti-capitalist, and even anti-freedom to the point that most of what they produce has become unwatchable. And every spring, these communist sympathizers gather together, wearing $5,000 dresses and suits, giving golden awards to each other for their communist propaganda, and lecturing the rest of the country, virtue signaling about one socialist cause or another.

This actors and writers’ strike can be summed up as two sets of multi-millionaires fighting over how to divide up billions of dollars, and the rest of us are supposed to care. We are harangued constantly by Hollywood through their movies and TV shows that capitalism is evil; capitalism is the root of all that is bad in the world; and socialism and communism will save the planet. They continually push climate change, equity, critical race theory and radical gender ideology in their content, which are all proxies for a Marxist takeover of the country. And these people, most of whom live in lavish mansions with enough money in their bank accounts, so they never have to work another day in their lives, are fighting over how much of a percentage of the billions of dollars that was generated from their Marxist propaganda they get. And we are supposed to take these people seriously.

Through all the haggling back-and-forth, all the negotiations, and all the proposals that have been put forward on how to divvy up all that money, has one person offered a proposal that stated – however much money a movie generates, it should be divided equally among all the people who worked on the movie – each worker gets an equal share? Has anybody suggested that in these negotiations? The gaffer, the key grip, the boom guy, the janitor, gets the exact same share as the producer, the director, the screenwriter, and the movie star. Of course not. Nobody at the negotiating table would propose because they would all lose millions of dollars if they agreed to that. But that is what communism is. That is what the ideology that these people continually force down our throats looks like in real life. No matter how important or insignificant your job is, you get paid the exact same as everybody else.

The producer would argue that he should get the most, because he risks the most. He invests $100 million to produce the movie, so he should get the most in return. The movie stars will claim they should get the biggest share because the people go to the movies and pay their hard-earned money to see them, not the producer. The writers and the directors would argue that they should get as much as anybody because without their creative vision, there would be no movie. Each side has a very good point, but their points argue for capitalism, not communism. But that’s what these hypocrites are all about. ‘Capitalism for me, and communism for everybody else.’ It’s perfectly fine if they make tens of millions of dollars, live in mansions, fly private, but if you start your own business, and make a million dollars, you’re a greedy son of a bitch. Remember, the multi-millionaire producer, actor, director can all afford to go on strike, it is the gaffer, the key grip, the boom guy and the janitor, who take one step closer to poverty everyday this strike goes on.

This strike reminds me of a movie that I watched last year, starring Bryan Cranston entitled, Trumbo. Cranston plays, Dalton Trumbo, a communist screenwriter in Hollywood back in the 1940s and 50s. Early in the movie, he and his daughter are walking their horses on his sprawling ranch in California, and his daughter asks him, “dad, are you a communist?” He responds, “I am.” He then tries to explain to her what a communist is by asking questions, like, “mom makes your favorite lunch, and at school, you see a girl with no lunch at all, what do you do?” His daughter responds, “share.” He looks at her quizzically and says, “Share? You don’t just tell her to go get a job?” She shakes her head, “No.” He then asks, “You offer her a loan at 6%… or you just ignore her?” Exasperated, his daughter repeats, “No.” He then touches her cheek and says, “Well, well, well, you little commie.”

That is one of the most uninformed, out of touch and misleading politically driven scenes you will ever watch. And that is the problem. That scene is what the Hollywood elites and the elites in academia believe communism is, merely splitting your sandwich with a hungry girl, and getting to live the rest of your life exactly the way you’re living it in capitalist America. But that is not what communism looks like in real life; it looks a whole lot different. The most hypocritical part of that scene is that it took place on Dalton Trumbo’s sprawling ranch in California while they were walking their horses. If the communists had taken over America in the 1940’s, a federal police force would have raided Trumbo’s sprawling estate, seized every one of his assets, confiscated all of his horses, evicted him from his home, and divvied up his property up among 20 other families, forcing him to live in 1000 square-foot apartment somewhere. That’s what communism looks like. It is not simply voluntarily sharing something with somebody.

The real answer to Cranston’s question about the hungry girl and the sandwich, should have been, ‘give the hungry girl half my sandwich, and then tell her father to go get a job.’ Help other people out when they’re truly in need but also place an expectation on them that they must take care of themselves.

Every society that has ever been duped into adopting communism believed that communism was merely sharing some food with someone who is hungry, and that’s why they adopted it. But that is not even close to what communism is. Communism requires each and every one of us to give up all of our property rights, and all of our civil and human rights to the government. We are no longer sovereign individuals, we become wards of the state, relying on the state for every one of our necessities, and thus we become beholden to the state for our very lives. We do not become freer through communism; we become slaves of the state.

That is the dynamic that communism creates. As much as big business and big tech have the power to squash people’s rights as we have seen with big tech and free-speech, and with big business and ESG, a big, all-powerful communist government will always be infinitely more oppressive than even the worst manifestations of the free market. And in reality, that’s what the people on the left want. They want the United States of America to devolve into a totalitarian communist dictatorship, where they control all the levers of power. They dictate everybody’s thoughts, everybody’s words, everybody’s actions, and everybody’s lives. Every time communism has been tried, it has failed horrifically. There are no successful examples of communist governments in recorded history. None. They have never existed and will never exist. All communist governments devolve into bloody dictatorships. And yet the leftist elites, who believe they are smarter than everybody else actually believe that the past history will not repeat itself in the United States, as long as it is they who are given all the power.

This actors and writers’ strike is further proof that we should never listen to a word that comes out of the mouths of any these people in Hollywood. They expose their hypocrisy by preaching to little people, like you and I, about climate change and then globetrot around the world on their Cessna 680s, spewing more carbon into our atmosphere in one flight that you and I do in one year. So, every time these Hollywood celebrities preach about the evils of capitalism, understand that these multi-millionaires are the greediest capitalist of them all, and it is on full display right now because they are all fighting to get their grimy little hands on as many millions of dollars as possible, and we are the fools that pay $12 to watch one of their movies and be force-fed their communist propaganda.


Judd Garrett is a graduate from Princeton University, and a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He has been a contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.

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Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach and executive. He is a frequent contributer to the website Real Clear Politics, and has recently published his first novel, No Wind

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