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The other day I was discussing the 2024 Presidential election with a Republican who voted for Trump twice and he said, “We have to move on from Trump because he brings too much chaos to our country. We need sane and stable leaders. Trump is too erratic and out of control.” His comment made sense. We don’t need a chaotic leader because we don’t want a chaotic country. That’s how countries are destroyed. And even though I agree with most of what Trump stands for politically, maybe the chaos he brings is not worth the good that he accomplishes.

And then I clicked on a political website, and the first news item that popped up was a story about Joe Biden hosting an LGBTQ Pride Event at the White House, and some of the transgender activists at the event were running around on the White House lawn completely topless, baring their “breasts. It seemed like a very chaotic event, and that story made me wonder, where is all the chaos that we are witnessing in this country actually coming from? Is Donald Trump the cause of all the chaos that is tearing our country apart? Is he the cause of most of it? Some of it? Any of it? What is all this chaos and what are the root causes? My mind started clicking through all the chaos that I have witnessed on a daily basis over the last two and a half years.

Transgender people running around topless on the lawn of the White House is chaotic. A grown man dressed in women’s lingerie reading sexually explicit books to elementary school students is chaotic. Having pornographic books on the shelves of our children’s school libraries is chaotic. Public school teachers transitioning children from one sex to the other without the knowledge or consent of the child’s parents is chaotic. Surgically removing the private parts of minors is chaotic.

Five million illegal immigrants crossing into our country in two and a half years is chaotic. The Mexican drug cartels controlling our southern border is chaotic. Thousands of children being human trafficked in America each year is chaotic. 100,000 American citizens dying of drug overdoses every year is chaotic.

Homeless people taking over major parts of our cities, shooting up drugs and defecating on our sidewalks is chaotic. A 40% increase in violent crime and murder is chaotic. 50% of murders in the United States going unsolved is chaotic. 500 BLM riots in 5 months is chaotic. Dividing the country along racial lines is chaotic.

9% inflation is chaotic. The Federal Reserve raising interest rates seven time in one year is chaotic. Carrying a $1 trillion deficit year after year is chaotic. $31.5 trillion of debt is chaotic. Being dependent on foreign dictators for our energy is chaotic.

The government willfully violating our first and fourth amendment rights is chaotic. Spying on the opposition party is chaotic. Weaponizing the intelligence agencies against political opponents is chaotic. Politically motivated investigations and impeachments is chaotic. Arresting and indicting the leading Presidential candidate is chaotic. Unsecure elections are chaotic.

The President’s family receiving millions of dollars from foreign nationals in exchange for influence on our foreign policy is chaotic. Conducting a proxy war against a nuclear superpower is chaotic. Showing weakness, frailty and incompetence on the world stage which emboldens our enemies is chaotic. Putting America last is chaotic.

I’m all for eliminating all the chaos in America, but we are kidding ourselves if we think that just by removing Trump from the political landscape, all the chaos in our country will magically disappear. If you really think about it, there was a lot less chaos in our country and around the world when Trump was President compared to the Presidencies of his predecessor and his successor. President Obama ordered bombings of seven different middle eastern countries and set the middle east on fire under his watch. Joe Biden has led us to the precipice of a nuclear conflict with Russia. The world is as destabilized as it has been since the end of World War II under Joe Biden.

In 2008, Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform America. The chaos that we are witnessing today is part of that process of fundamental transformation. The left hates America. They despise America. They want to destroy America. That’s why they disrespect our flag. That’s why they disrespect our border. That’s why they disrespect the White House. That’s why they disrespect our currency. That’s why they disrespect our culture and our beliefs and our religions and our language and everything that we hold dear. That’s why they enable and promote the chaos that is destroying America.

And that is why they are so interested in promoting the trans movement. It is the ultimate chaos because it is forcing us to disregard order and accept confusion. The gender binary is a fundamental truth. There would be no humanity if not for the gender binary, and the trans-movement is fully intent on destroying that fundamental truth, and with it, all fundamental truths, so they can usher in complete chaos, the type of chaos that the Democrats rely on, not only to achieve power, but to transform our once great nation into the image of their Marxist socialist ideology that has never and will never work.

Judd Garrett is a graduate from Princeton University, and a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He has been a contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.

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Sam Dehne
Sam Dehne
23 jun. 2023


The buckfidens-bama-clinton-doj-fbi-etc's are election-rigged products

of traitorous commie treachery. And they are scourges on America.

For far too for many damnable reasons to fit on the internet.

Sam DNA Dehne (ckick)


Adler Pfingsten
Adler Pfingsten
20 jun. 2023

As I have written before:

When one comes to accept the evil that is Marxianity has implemented the dark strategy of what Ludwig von Mises termed “Planned Chaos” then the seeming madness that surrounds gains focus; disrupt, disturb, dislocate, distract, destroy, disorder, dislodge, demean, displace, damage, devalue, diminish and degrade every aspect of the Judeo-Christian American culture while disparaging and disappearing its history…discord until disgusted and dissatisfied Americans come to believe the Constitution is dead and in need of replacement with a social justice blank check like that of South Africa so admired by Obama and RBG.

Have you ever considered the term "Build Back Better"? The goal has been the destruction of the Judeo-Christian foundations of America so as…


Carlos Danger
Carlos Danger
19 jun. 2023

Donald Trump does have his faults, and they should not be ignored. But they should not be overemphasized either.

As management expert Peter Drucker said, "strong leaders have strong weaknesses". Where there are peaks there are valleys. Disqualify people for their weaknesses and you end up choosing people who are mediocre at best and incompetent at worst.

Abraham Lincoln is said to have said the same about Ulysses Grant. He was an alcoholic and had other issues. But Abraham Lincoln couldn't spare him. Why? "He fights."

Donald Trump is the only president I have seen in my lifetime who fights. Not like a goon in hockey, stupid and clumsy. But not under Queensbury rules either. He fights to win.



Jack Hiller
Jack Hiller
19 jun. 2023

The supposed chaos created or inspired by Trump's Presidency was manufactured by the DemoRats and their media allies. Whatever Trump said or did was distorted or exaggerated to make him look bad. Does anyone suppose that a DeSantise would have been treated any better?

To Trump's great credit, he withstood the assault on his Presidency from both the DemoRat and Republican Establishment politicians who work for their own, personal benefit at the expense of out country, and Trump proven himself capable of fostering and managing policies beneficial for the country-- and he will again get my puny vote.


Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach and executive. He is a frequent contributer to the website Real Clear Politics, and has recently published his first novel, No Wind

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