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Competing vs Cheating

Tom Brady leading the game winning drive in the Super Bowl. Michael Jordan pulling up for the 17-foot jumper to win the NBA title. Kirk Gibson limping off the bench in the 9th inning to hit a back door slider for a home run to win a World Series game. Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Joe Montana, they all have one thing in common. They all love to compete. They live for competition. They want the ball in their hands when the game is on the line, when the final outcome is still in doubt. They thrive in that moment. They believe in themselves and their ability to win the day when the pressure is on.

But then, there are athletes like Lance Armstrong with his 7 Tour de France “wins”, and Barry Bonds with his 762 Home Runs, and Roger Clemens with his 354 wins, and many of the pitchers who throw 100 mph fastballs these days. They also have one thing in common, they don’t want to compete. They need a rigged game. Whether it’s injecting illegal substances into their bodies, or placing illegal substances on the baseball, they all rely on creating unfair, illegal advantages, so their success in rarely in doubt. They know if they competed on a level playing field, they would lose, so they turn to PEDs, HGH, steroids, EPO, or “stickum” to create an unfair advantage to ensure their victory.

These are the dueling attitudes in America today; the people who want free, fair competition in an open market where the best competitor wins, and those who want a rigged game, who need a closed system, where only their side gets a chance to enter the arena, and the outcome is already decided even before the competition begins.

On Monday, 51 Democrats from the Texas Legislature fled the state in a private plane for Washington, DC to prevent a quorum, and avoid a vote on the much-needed election integrity law which includes voter ID. These Democrat Legislators knew they would lose the vote because they had already lost this debate; the majority of Americans and Texans want voter ID, so they chose not to compete. They are trying to win a debate they are losing by derailing the Democratic process. They are against voter ID laws because they depend on voter fraud to win elections just as they depend on illegal stunts like this to win debates. So, they are cheating the legislative process to prevent election integrity laws from passing so they can cheat in the elections to win a majority so they can control the legislative process, and push through their agenda that the majority of the people do not want.

Joe Biden recently called voter ID laws, “21st Century Jim Crow”. Once again, the Democrats know they cannot win on the merits of this debate because there are no rational, reasonable arguments against voter ID, so they charge racism – a naked attempt to shut down debate, to avoid competition, an attempt to win without actually winning. This is standard fare for the Democrats. Whenever they are on the losing side of an issue, they charge racism, sexism or homophobia, and the debate on the merits of the issue ends. They believe the only way they can be right is if they paint the other side as wrong. It’s their go-to scheme of stealing victory, but they have to do it.

They know that their neo-Marxist vision for America cannot win in free and fair elections, so they are doing everything they can to prevent free and fair elections. They lost the ideological debate. We see that in the pro-freedom, anti-communist protests in Cuba. Cuban citizens living under communist rule rallying in the streets, waving the American flag, showing more respect and love for our flag than many Democrats living in America do while Democratic politicians push for more socialism that the Cubans are rejecting. This is why they need to cheat. This is why they need a rigged game because very few people want their anti-American, pro-Marxist agenda. This is why they want to end the filibuster, and add Washington, DC and Puerto Rico as states because they want to rig the structure of the system so they will never lose another Presidential election, while maintaining permanent majorities in Congress, so they can ram through their socialist agenda without opposition.

For years, the Democrats have been conducting a non-stop gaming of the election and political systems. This was evident in the most recent election cycle. Big tech and social media monopolies aligned with the Democrats to censor and cancel all opposing points of view, while the legacy media, Hollywood, and academia continue to promote the left-wing propaganda. Governors and judges in swing states unconstitutionally changed election laws, implementing state-wide mail-in ballots, and doing away with voter ID because they knew they could not win without drastically tilting the playing field.

And the result? Joe Biden, a 78-year-old, early onset dementia patient who can’t string together two coherent sentences whose previous foray into Presidential politics garnered him 0% of the Democratic primary delegates, who hid in his basement for the duration of the campaign, received 81 million votes, 11 million more than anyone else in history, a 16% increase. To quote Joe Biden himself, C’mon man… you know, the thing.” That would be like Mario Mendoza coming out of retirement at age 50 to blast 75 home runs. Everyone would know something was wrong. Even Mario’s mother would say, “that’s not right.”

It's the same way we knew that Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire cheated. Look at the numbers. They tell the story as much as anything. McGuire and Bonds beat the previous record which stood for over 37 years by 9 than 12, that’s a 15% and 20% increase. How did we know Lance Armstrong cheated? He won 7 Tours in a row, displaying an unprecedented level of dominance. So, people actually believe Joe Biden received 11 million more votes than the widely popular Barack Obama? The numbers don’t add up. They are so off-kilter, we all know something is not right.

We are all watching this happen in real time; Democrats gaming the elections, corrupting the political system, all for their neo-Marxist agenda that has never and will never work, and would be trounced in the legitimate ballot box. If we allow this to continue, 50 years from now, Americans will be like the Cubans are today risking their lives, protesting in the streets for our basic freedom and human rights.


Judd Garrett is a graduate from Princeton University, and a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He has been a contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.

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Jul 16, 2021

I was dating a cardio-vascular RN who was part of the Shumway heart transplantation team in the early days of heart transplantation. I met several of the early recipients through her. At that time they were still working to figure out the extent to which they had to administer various steroids to the recipients. One of the side effects is that all of the early recipients developed what was then called "moon faces." When I first saw the photos comparing Barry Bonds from his Phillies days with his from the Giants I immediately recalled the heart transplant recipients and their moon faces that were the results of the steroid doses that they received and thought QED, steroids. This …


Jul 15, 2021

Lying and cheating are a way of life for these people. We can never compete on a level playing field because they constantly change the rules that only we have to abide by. There are no rules for them. Up to and including depositing 1 million illegals all over the country with their free government handouts and their biden let us in t shirts. Then we have our own citizens that have drunk the kool-aid and are now indoctrinated with the demo-marxist party line. Sad to say we are not finished with their attempted destruction of our country.


Jack Hiller
Jack Hiller
Jul 15, 2021

Well stated case for Democrat election fraud, done in every way possible, such as with faked mail in ballots, voting by out of state and the off Earth deceased. Just today, serious Presidential election fraud instances were reported for Fulton County Georgia ( here is one of three reports on Bing, with nothing sowing on google HUGE: Significant Election Irregularities Exposed in Fulton County, Georgia – PJ Media )


Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach and executive. He is a frequent contributer to the website Real Clear Politics, and has recently published his first novel, No Wind

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