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Controlled Opposition

On Friday, Congressman Jim Jordan was removed as the Republican nominee for Speaker of the House by a secret ballot. Some Republicans are complaining that ousting Kevin McCarthy earlier this month from his Speakership has now caused the Republican party to lose one month of governing. But it is fair to ask, how much “governing” were they actually doing? Passing Continuing Resolutions and Omnibus packages is not governing; it is merely going along with the swamp. That type of “governing” is the reason why we are $33 trillion in debt. That type of “governing" is the reason why inflation has been out of control and why the average family’s grocery bill has increased 30% since Joe Biden took office. That type of “governing" is not governing at all; it is essentially picking the pockets of the American citizens.

Does it really matter if we have a Speaker if the end results with a Speaker are same bloated pieces of legislation which got us into this mess to begin with? Yesterday, it was announced that the United States federal deficit has doubled this year to $1.7 trillion. If nobody is willing to stand up against this lunacy, America is simply going to decline into an even more corrupt, secondary country. And that is what the Democrats truly want, and that is what true Conservatives are fighting against.

On three separate occasions this week, at least, 20 Republicans held out and refused to vote for Jim Jordan further delaying the election of a Speaker which prevents the House from going back to work. It seems strange that many of the same Republicans who earlier this month, voted for a Continuing Resolution because they were scared to death of a government shutdown, have no problem holding out and shutting down the House of Representatives. Nobody was pressured into voting for Jordan to keep the House working, like they claimed they voted for the CR to keep the government working. I wish that the Republicans who are so steadfast in standing up against Jim Jordan would be equally steadfast in their opposition to the far-left agenda, but sadly, they never are. They are always stronger fighting fellow Republicans, then they are fighting Democrats.

Rush Limbaugh used to say that the reason why people like Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Paul Ryan and the rest of the RINOs never fight for Conservative principles is because they truly do not want to win. They are happy at being the likable losers, second bananas. They don’t want the responsibility of actually governing. The like being the controlled opposition party, complaining in the background. They never want to make a tough vote. They never want to put themselves out there. They never want to expose themselves to criticism. Their entire career is based on self-preservation of their career and not preservation of the country.

They are content being the Washington Generals to the Democrats’ Harlem Globetrotters. There is no pressure to that. They merely want to go along to get along. They prefer being second place because it is hard being a true Conservative. Fiscal responsibility is hard. Nobody wants to be the parent who makes their kids eat broccoli. Everyone wants to be the parent who buys their kid ice cream. But over the last 40 years, our country has eaten way too much ice cream and very little broccoli, and it has become morbidly obese. It’s time to eat our vegetables and get on a tread mill.

But to a large degree, the Democrats are similar to the RINO Republicans, but only on the world stage. Democrats will fight tooth and nail to be the top politicians in America, to have all the power in this country, but they never take that fighting spirit to the world stage. They welcome America’s slow decline from being the world’s superpower into just another country. Even though they want to be first in America, they don’t want America to be first in the world. That’s why when they gain power in America, they always make decisions that put America last and never first.

And that is what frightens both the Democrats and the RINO Republicans about Donald Trump and why many Conservatives love him. Donald Trump is a fighter. Trump would fight to gain power in America, and once he had that power, would use it to make America number one on the world stage. That is the way it used to be. That is what our politicians used to do. Fight to make America the most powerful nation in the world. That was what made Presidents like FDR and Ronald Reagan great. That’s what Trump means when he says, “make America great again.”

And this is what frustrates Conservatives most of all. The leaders of the Republican party do not want to make Republicans the strongest party in America, and the Democrats do not want to fight to make America the greatest country in the world. Democrats will openly admit that America is not the greatest country in the world. They always point to Europe or Canada, or some other country to show how they are doing it better than the United States, never acknowledging that one of the reasons why these other countries are beating us is precisely because of the anti-American policies that the Democrats have pushed through over the last 30 to 40 years.

There’s no reason why the United States public school system shouldn’t be the best in the world, yet it isn’t, primarily because of the policies of the Democrat party. There’s no reason why America shouldn’t be one of the safest countries in the world, except for the fact that the Democrats run all of the most violent cities in our country and refuse to address crime and violence in those cities. That is why the Democrats fear MAGA. They fear anyone who wants to make America great because they do not want America to be great.

I wouldn’t mind the Democrats having power in this country if they fought for America as fiercely as they fight for power in America. If Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Nancy Pelosi fought to make America the greatest country on the planet as hard as they fight to make the Democrats the most powerful party in the country, I would actually consider supporting them, but sadly they don’t. If they did, they would shut down the border, they would get our spending and deficits under control, they would solve the crime problem, the fentanyl crisis, homelessness. But they let all that happen under their watch without a fight. It is almost as if the Democrats are intentionally weakening America.

Maybe the problem is that the American system – the media, academia, social media, Hollywood – is heavily rigged in favor of the Democrats, so the Democrats never really have to fight to gain power. It’s easy for a Democrat to stand up, be strong and fight a Republican in American politics, because every powerful institution in American will automatically stand with them. The media, academia, Hollywood always present the Democrats as the caring and compassionate politicians and the Republicans as the mean-spirited and evil ones. Do the GOP holdouts actually believe that if we elected a moderate Republican as Speaker, and not a true Conservative, then the media would suddenly start treating Republicans nicely and fairly? Remember, both Bushes were moderate, and the media vilified them. When they were running for President, according to the media, moderate Republican John McCain was the devil and fellow RINO, Mitt Romney was the spawn of the devil.

These institutions are always paving the way for the Democrats. Joe Biden could hide in his basement for nine months during a Presidential campaign and still “win”. He rarely had to stand up and fight. The media did his fighting for him, as they do for all Democrats. So, when they get “elected” to power, they are not battle tested. They are not prepared to stand toe-to-toe with foreign leaders who have fought to gain their position, who are battle tested. That’s why the Democrats consistently are so weak on the world stage, because they don’t have to be strong to win in America. Jimmy Carter was weak, Clinton was weak, Obama was weak, and Biden is most definitely weak. And when you have weak leaders, you have a weak country, and that is exactly what the Democrats want for America. And when you have a weak America, you have a dangerous world.


Judd Garrett is a graduate from Princeton University, and a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He has been a contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.

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1 Comment

Jack Hiller
Jack Hiller
Oct 22, 2023

MacCarthy was the natural follow on to Paul Ryan, both Establishment (RINO) politicians; Scalise, and now Emmer likewise, and Trump has said he does not support Emmer. Jordan is a Conservative and Trump ally--that tells the story.


Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach and executive. He is a frequent contributer to the website Real Clear Politics, and has recently published his first novel, No Wind

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