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Do or Die

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

In the movie, The Green Mile, when the bad guy “Wild Bill” Wharton breaks into a house to rape and kill the two young girls, he keeps the girls silent by telling them, “You love your sister? You make any noise, ... I'm gonna kill her instead of you.” As the protagonist of the movie John Coffey observed, “He killed them with their love.” The killer used their love against them. Neither girl wanted to be responsible for their sister’s death, so both girls remained silent, and complied. And their silence allowed him killed them both. That is the way evil works. Evil uses good people’s love against them, to control them, and to even kill them.

Since the start of the pandemic, when people have told us that we must wear masks, they would say, ‘you are not doing it to protect yourself, you are only doing it to protect other people’. I never understood the logic of that. Does the corona-virus only penetrate the blue side of the mask, and not the white side? Couldn’t we just flip our masks over? If the mask protects other people, it only follows that it would also protect the wearer. But we are told wearing the mask only protects the other person because the people who want to control us are using our love against us. They are using our love of our families or our fellow man to force us to comply with their wishes. They know if people were told that the mask protected the wearer, many people would say, ‘I’m not wearing it, I’ll take my chances of getting sick’. And there would be no guilt because other people would be protected by their own masks.

These people tell us to “follow the science”, yet they do not use science or facts or evidence to make their arguments; they use emotional blackmail to impose their will on the rest of us. The fact that so many of these politicians, Newsom, Pelosi, Lightfoot, Feinstein, et al., continually violate the mandates they impose on the rest of us, proves that this is not about health, but about power and control.

This is the type of emotional manipulation used to control us on most issues. If you are against government run healthcare and argue, “I like my healthcare. I like my health insurance. I like my doctor.” You are told, ‘we are not taking over your healthcare for you. We are taking over your healthcare for other people. And if you don’t want us to do it, you’re selfish, you don’t care if other people die.’ You become the evil one. Not the people who want to control you. If you’re against government bureaucrats making your healthcare decisions for you, you are selfish.

Question global warming and you’re told you want people to die. You don’t care about the planet. You don’t care about your grandchildren. These are not fact-based answers to your questions. The only reference to science is that the “science is settled”. You’re not allowed to ask questions. That is the reason why I question global warming most of all is that I’m told I can’t question it. I’m called a “climate denier” and labelled a bad person for asking legitimate questions. People emotionally strong-arming us into silence and compliance is the biggest reason to question something. When people resort to emotional arguments, it means they don’t have an intellectual or fact-based argument. When people are right about an issue, they want to be questioned on it. They want to show others how smart they are, how much they know, how right they are. That’s human nature. When people are lying or hiding something, they don’t want others to ask questions. They don’t want debate. They want compliance.

When the powerful want to control what we say, they tell us, we cannot say certain things because we would be offending, hurting or even causing the death of other people, or they tell us, we must say other things because “silence is violence”. In other words, say exactly what we want you to say, or other people will get hurt. When they want to take more of our money, they say, pay more your income in taxes or people will starve to death.

This goes on and on and on. They are using our love of our fellow man to control our energy use, our healthcare, our money, our speech, our lives. If powerful people want to control all of that, isn’t asking questions the smart thing to do, the right thing to do? But we are told we are bad for asking, and therefore, we want people to die. So, like the little girls in the movie, we have to keep silent. And we comply because we are loving caring people, but the problems that we complied with the government to help address, never gets fixed. All we get in return for our compliance is a demand for more and more compliance.

This is a level of emotional manipulation and blackmail found in socio-paths. You must comply or people will die. You will be the killer. Their blood will be on your hands. This is evil. This is the stuff that the devil does; using your love of your fellow man against you, to manipulate you, to control you. And they do this to us with a smile on their faces using soothing tones in their voices, as they take our freedoms, our rights, our humanity away.

The good news is that this only works because there are hundreds of millions of people in this country who love and care for their fellow man, but the bad news is that some of the people who hold the reins of power in this country are evil, and will use our love against us. We are good, loving, caring people. We are not hurting others when we exercise our fundamental human rights. We must never allow sleazy politicians use our love to emotionally blackmail us into complying with their wishes or relinquish our unalienable rights. They don’t know what love is. To us, love is an essential part of our being; to the politically ambitious, love is a tool used to grab more power for themselves.


Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He is a frequent contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.

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1 Comment

Dec 26, 2020

This is one of the most thoughtful and perceptive articles I have read in years. Thank you.


Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach and executive. He is a frequent contributer to the website Real Clear Politics, and has recently published his first novel, No Wind

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