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Do We Believe in America?

Do we believe in America? Do we believe in the American people? Do we believe in the American innovative spirit that built this country? Do we believe in Capitalism? Do we believe in freedom?

We will get through this. We will put this virus in our rear view mirror at some point. I don’t know when, but it will happen. And when it does, when Americans become truly free again, when we start enjoying our constitutional rights again, when American industry and innovation gets the green light to expand and create and produce again, our country, our economy, our jobs, our lives will come roaring back.

And if there are companies and businesses that do fail, from out of the rubble, bigger businesses, better companies will rise. We just have to let them.

Our economic system works. The record of history clearly shows the overwhelming prosperity created when capitalism and freedom are unleashed. The historical record also shows the poverty and destruction created when government becomes too powerful, too heavy handed, too micro-managing. Most 20th century immigrants came to America fleeing governments and policies that will be offered up to us as a way of getting out of the economic destruction of this pandemic. Do not fall for this.

We cannot permanently cede our freedoms, our rights, our sovereignty in exchange for a feigned security temporarily offered up by an ever-expanding federal government.

I think back to the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”. When there was the panic, a run on the bank, and Old Man Potter was offering 50 cents on the dollar for people’s shares. George Bailey astutely observed, “Potter isn’t selling. Potter’s buying.” And Potter proceeded to buy up all the financial institutions except for the Bailey Building and Loan, and controlled most of Bedford Falls.

Beware, there will be a lot Potters out there trying to exploit our current hardship for their own personal gain. Don’t let them. They will swoop in like white knights, so caring, so compassionate, so philanthropic. They’re not. They will tell us we can’t do it without their help. Be wary of those who come to you offering you something for nothing. It usually works out the other way around. Like the email scams offering you millions if you pay them thousands.

We need to tell these people, just get out of our way. We got this. We believe in ourselves. We believe in America. Our nation will be healed, our economy will be fixed, not by handouts, but by hard work. If we think there is a way out of this other than hard work and ingenuity, we are kidding ourselves. We are not going to fix this with fancy book keeping or robbing Peter to pay Paul.

So when the government starts offering us trillions of dollars of stimulus, maybe they are giving or maybe they are taking. Taking some of our freedoms, some of our rights, some of our sovereignty, and are they robbing us of our innovative spirit. And who will be trying to buy our rights, freedom, and sovereignty? Not just certain United States politicians, and agencies. The very country where this pandemic emanated from is waiting in the wings to buy trillions of dollars more of our debt, of our freedoms, our rights, our sovereignty.

The American innovative spirit is just itching, clawing to come back. The American people don’t want to sit around doing nothing waiting for the benevolent hand of government to take care of them. They do not want handouts. They want freedom, opportunity. They are chomping at the bit to get back to work creating, building, innovating, producing the goods and services that the people want, that makes life better. That’s who they are, that’s what they want to do. And that’s what we must rely on to get our great nation back, to revitalize the greatest economy in the world. Americans, and the American spirit are the answers to our problems.

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