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Gun (Power) Grabbing

On September 7, in response to a child being killed during a road rage incident with a gun in her state, New Mexico Democrat Governor Michelle Grisham signed an Emergency Order banning people from carrying guns in Albuquerque and the surrounding county for at least 30 days. Obviously, this is a direct violation of the people of New Mexico’s Constitutional rights. Grisham claimed that “no right is absolute”. Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen called Grisham's order “unconstitutional,” and said, “there’s no way we can enforce that order. This ban does nothing to curb gun violence." State Attorney General Raúl Torrez echoes that sentiment in a letter stating that he would not enforce the unconstitutional executive order. He wrote, “I do not believe that the Emergency Order will have any meaningful impact on public safety but, more importantly, I do not believe it passes constitutional muster.”

Whenever totalitarians like Governor Grisham attempt to exert more power over the people and restrict their Constitutional rights, they always couch their intentions “public safety” or “saving lives”. All of the totalitarian control that was exerted over the people during Covid was justified for “public safety” and “saving lives”. And as always, their totalitarian edicts do very little to nothing to make the public safer or to save lives. Statistically, there was no difference between the Covid outcomes from the states and countries with the most restrictive policies to the least restrictive policies. “Public safety” and “saving lives” are always buzz words the government uses to wrest more control over your life.

The most-evil part of all of this is that these people do not really care about saving lives. After signing the order, a reporter asked Governor Grisham, "Do you really think that criminals are going to hear this message and not carry a gun in Albuquerque on the streets for 30 days?" Governor Grisham thought for a moment and replied, "Uhhh, no." So, by her own admission, this Emergency Order does absolutely nothing to address gun violence in Albuquerque. And in fact, it would increase gun violence because if the law-abiding citizens abided by her Emergency Order and turned in their gun but the criminals, by her own admission, did not, then there would be an increase of gun violence in Albuquerque because the criminals' potential victims who would now be unarmed, would be more vulnerable to crime. This stunt is likely a trial balloon, similar to the Covid lockdowns, to see how much unilateral power she can exert over the people.

In 2021, more people (13,384) were killed in drunk driving accidents than were a victim of gun homicide (11,628). When is Governor Grisham going to ban automobiles? When is she going to ban alcohol? By the same logic she used to ban guns, she could ban alcohol or automobiles and that would potentially save over 1,700 more lives than her gun ban. She would never consider banning alcohol for the same reason why many politicians on the left are pushing for legalization of drugs. Clear thinking, sober minded people are much harder to manipulate and control than addicts whose brains are polluted with mind-altering drugs.

That is why left-wing Governors, Mayors and District Attorneys refuse to address homeless crisis in their communities because homelessness is driven by two things, mental illness and addiction, and the more crazy and addicted people there are, the more power the Democrats can attain. I wonder how many “votes” were cast for Joe Biden in 2020 in the name of some mentally ill addict living on the streets of our big cities in exchange for food or drugs? In 2021, Grisham signed a bill which legalized marijuana in the state of New Mexico.

New Mexico is a border state where a large percentage of the 7 million illegal immigrants and the thousand tons of illegal drugs that have entered this country since Joe Biden’s inauguration. When is Governor Grisham going to send the New Mexico National Guard down to the southern border and stop the flow of illegal immigrants and illegal drugs into this country? The illegal drugs which come across our southern border kills 10 times more people every year than guns. Illegal immigrants are ravaging our country with violent crime. Every year on average, there are 2,200 killings, 180,000 rapes, 138,000 assaults, and 27,000 cases of human smuggling as a result of illegal immigration.

Shortly after Governor Grisham took office, Luis Talamantes, a three-time deported illegal alien and gang member from Mexico, murdered 55-year-old woman, Jackie Vigil, in the driveway outside of her Albuquerque home. In 2021, illegal immigrant, Joel Arciniega-Saenz, murdered 51-year-old James Garcia in Dona Ana County, New Mexico, the day after Father’s Day. Arciniega-Saenz dismembered Mr. Garcia’s body and kicked his head around like a soccer ball. In her tenure, Grisham has done nothing to curtail the flow of illegal immigrants into her state. At the same time, she is banning her law-abiding citizens from possessing the tools they need to protect themselves from violent criminals, she is importing violent criminals like Luis Talamantes and Joel Arciniega-Saenz into her state.

800,000 babies are murdered in the womb every year. Thats 80 times more killings than with guns. Is Governor Grisham going to unilaterally ban abortion in her state? No, she is a fierce defender of a woman’s “right” to kill her own baby. In 2019 State of the State Address, Governor Grisham said, "The old criminal abortion law of this state…, must go. Bring me that bill and I will sign it." In an op-ed, she wrote, "This old, outdated statute criminalizing health care providers is an embarrassment. That removing it was even a debate, much less a difficult vote for some senators, is inexplicable to me." In 2021, the New Mexico legislature passed SB10, a repeal of the 1969 abortion law, and Governor Grisham signed it into law on February 26, 2021.

She doesn’t care about kids being killed in drunk driving crashes; she doesn’t care about children being raped and human-trafficked by illegal immigrants; she doesn’t care about law-abiding citizens being viciously murdered by illegal immigrants; she doesn’t care about babies being murdered in the womb; she only feigns concern about children being killed by guns because that concern can lead to her and her fellow leftists to seize guns from law-abiding citizens and seize more power for themselves because the end game is not about protecting the citizens, it is about protecting her power over the citizens.


Judd Garrett is a graduate from Princeton University, and a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He has been a contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.

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Sam Dehne
Sam Dehne
Sep 23, 2023

JG - EVERYBODY should have to read your Reports in order to be allowed to vote.

As matter of fact everybody who can prove they have read ALL of your Reports should

be allowed to have at least 2 votes.

Sam DNA Dehne


Jack Hiller
Jack Hiller
Sep 17, 2023

Bingo! You nailed the witch, and all of the other DemoRat politicians who all work for a dumbed down disarmed citizenry to enhance their own power and corruption.


Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach and executive. He is a frequent contributer to the website Real Clear Politics, and has recently published his first novel, No Wind

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