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The other day, San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich said, “people who don’t understand Black Lives Matter or are offended by it are just ignorant.” Which is a clear statement of ignorance. Obviously, the amount of research he did on the organization Black Lives Matter was to read its name. He did not do the research to understand what this movement is all about. Popovich believes its name sums up its mission.

If Popovich took the time to look at Black Lives Matter website and twitter accounts, he would have seen that the movement was founded by two self-described unapologetic Marxist, Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza, and many of the chapter leaders are devoted Marxists. Their mission is to overthrow capitalism and replace it with their Marxist ideology. Black Lives Matter are exploiting the deaths of black people to further their cause.

It is strange that a person like Popovich who has benefitted from Capitalism as much as anyone is supporting an organization whose mission is the dissolution of Capitalism. At least, he is doing so after he’s made tens of millions of dollars off of Capitalism. Under a Marxist system, our next generation’s Gregg Popovich would be living near the poverty line with the government telling him which team he was allowed to coach. It is Capitalism which has lifted many of Popovich’s players out of poverty and into the top one percent. Under Marxism, the next generation’s LeBron James would not be a multi-millionaire. His talents would be used to promote the state and enrich the party. Simply ask Orlando Hernandez, who had to escape Communist Cuba on a raft, almost drowning, just so he could earn money playing baseball in the MLB, or ask Yao Ming who had to give half his NBA salary to the Communist Chinese Government, after they “sold” Ming to the Rockets as if they owned him.

The NBA and it’s leading voices like Popovich and James, who are very outspoken about the injustices in America remain eerily silent on the government sponsored oppression and slavery of the Chinese Communist regime. Once again, these people who have made tens of millions of dollars off of Capitalism are aligning themselves with Communism. They claim to be against injustice but refuse to speak out against the extreme injustices created by Communist China mainly because of the millions of dollars that China puts into their bank accounts. It is almost embarrassing that someone this ignorant and hypocritical like Popovich would call someone else ignorant. If China was not bringing hundreds of millions of dollars to the NBA, Popovich and LeBron would probably be the leading voices against the atrocities in China. But now they remain silent, counting their money.

The most hypocritical part of the silence of people like James and Popovich is that they are at a point where they don’t need the money. They could not receive another paycheck from the NBA, and they, their children and grandchildren could live like kings for the rest of their lives. How greedy are these people that they are so afraid to speak out against the injustices in China which are exponentially worse than the injustices in America that they are so willing to speak out against, just to continue to pad their bank accounts?

Black Lives Matter also want “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure” and replace it with “villages”. One of the major causes of the struggles of black people in America is that 75% of black children are born to single mothers. The traditional nuclear family structure in black communities is almost obsolete. And the “village” that is raising many of these young black men is called a “gang” which doesn’t teach them traditional family values like hard work, accountability, faith in God and love for one another, but things like drug dealing, armed robbery and killing. Those lessons are not the road to success but the path to prison. And yet, Black Lives Matter wants to double down on this failing dynamic.

Black Lives Matter believes in “defunding the police”, and “abolishing prison” which would release violent criminals back on the streets. The lack of law and order has destroyed black communities and responsible for the deaths of thousands of black people every year. The lack of economic opportunities in black communities can be directly traced to lack of law and order. Very few entrepreneurs are willing to invest millions of dollars to place a store or business in a community that is rampant with crime, where riots and looting happen every other year, where there is a good chance their store will be burned to the ground with impunity. They would be throwing their money away. Black Lives Matter did not spare the black owned businesses either when they burned businesses to the ground in the 2020 riots.

Yet, the founders of Black Lives Matter are conspicuously silent on black on black killing which is responsible for over 90% of black lives being killed. They have been so silent on that issue that it is fair to conclude that this issue does not matter to Black Lives Matter. The thousands of black lives, including babies and toddlers, who are murdered every year at the hands of black criminals, black gang members do not matter to Black Lives Matter. The hypocrisy of that is so profound that it automatically discredits the legitimacy of the organization itself, and is one of the main reasons why many people do not support the movement, Popovich.

But Black Lives Matter relies on willfully ignorant people like Gregg Popovich to give their organization the credibility that their mission statement and their actions do not afford them. So, before you call anyone ignorant Popovich, do some research and educate yourself. Your ignorance is a direct threat to the black lives that you claim you believe matter.

In the end, you can believe that black lives matter without supporting Black Lives Matter. And simply because you support Black Lives Matter does not mean you believe black lives matter.

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