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The Russian tanks rolled passed the Ukrainian border on February 22, 2022, its army is bombing cities, killing civilians, attempting to take over a sovereign country. Some fear Ukraine will be the first domino to fall in Vladimir Putin’s master plan to reestablish the old Soviet Union or reconfigure Mother Russia. After Ukraine, Poland and then the Baltics will be next. We have seen this behavior before throughout history, megalomaniacs like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoléon, Hitler, Hirohito, and many others, fueled by their insatiable desire to rule other sovereign countries and people, expanding their empires until they gain world domination.

Individual and national sovereignty is a fundamental right that must be defended with the highest priority. And that’s why Ukrainian citizens are fighting back so hard. Putin is trying to strip them of their ability for self-rule and self-determination. The Ukrainians could end the death and destruction today, simply by surrendering to Russia, but they do not want to become subjects of Vladimir Putin. They want freedom, and are willing to fight and die for it – that is a natural human response to subjugation. Over 200 years ago, during our revolutionary war against the tyranny of King George, Patrick Henry proclaimed, “give me liberty, or give me death.” Human beings want to be free. The human spirit would rather die than be contained.

There is another sovereign country being invaded that no one seems to care much about. While we are so concerned about what is happening 5,000 miles away in Ukraine, America is being invaded. Our southern border has been breached by illegal immigrants for decades, but it has turned into a full-blown invasion of 2 million foreign nationals since Joe Biden took office. This invasion is a direct violation of the sovereignty of the United States, and its citizens. Our leaders have admitted this when they claimed that the Ukrainian border was sacrosanct. If theirs is, ours must be. But the endgame of this invasion is not much different than Putin’s. The 30 million illegal immigrants currently in our country are imposing their will on the citizens of America as potential swing voters in our elections. That is precisely why Joe Biden and the Democrats have been allowing this to happen. They do not care about the United States citizens; they do not care about the individual illegal immigrant; they only care about how that illegal immigrant will vote if enfranchised.

Our southern border is also being invaded by something even more sinister than illegal voters, something that is as much of an existential threat to America as the Russian tanks are to Ukraine. In 2021, over 100,000 United States citizens died of drug overdoses, primarily from fentanyl and opioids smuggled across our southern border by the drug cartels, and we do nothing about it. Not only do these drugs take the lives of so many of our citizens, they tear our families apart, and destroy our communities with crime and homelessness. If Russia smuggled anthrax across the Ukrainian border that killed 100,000 Ukrainians, we would label that a genocide, and have boots on the ground fighting in Ukraine. But the Mexican drug cartels can smuggle lethal drugs into our country killing hundreds of thousands of our citizens and we allow it happen. If the cartels were bringing anthrax instead of fentanyl, our military would be aligned on our border, shooting every drug smuggler dead in their tracks. Our leaders do not care because fentanyl and opioids are addictive drugs, and addiction is a form of submission, a way to control the population, a way to bring social chaos that can be used by our politicians to seize even more control over the citizens.

And while our sovereignty is being stripped away in plain sight, too many Americans have become too fearful to fight for their rights and freedom. Fear is an instrument of tyrants to compel submission. That is why Putin is bombing cities that he hopes to eventually control. The explosions of bombs dropping out of the sky send shock waves of fear through the people of that city. The bombs are meant to break the will of the people, and force submission. That’s why Hitler bombed London for eight straight months in World War 2. Fear is the tool of totalitarians. Fear is used to subjugate.

Two years ago, this past week, fear invaded America and was used by the authoritarians to seize control over our lives. Never in the history of our country has our government exacted so much control over the entirety of the American people, from shutting down schools, businesses and churches, to telling citizens where the can and cannot go, to forcing them to wear masks, to mandating medicine they do not want or even need, while banning other medication citizens wanted and needed. The United States citizens were stripped of their sovereignty, denied their basic Constitutional rights. What Putin is doing to the Ukrainians with bombs, our leaders did to us with a virus. But instead of fighting back against this attack on our sovereignty like the people in Ukraine, many Americans, controlled by fear, simply rolled over and complied, and worse, many became unofficial enforcers of the government tyranny.

No one was allowed to question or contradict the state sponsored narrative on Covid. Prominent doctors, politicians, celebrities have all been censored by social media platforms for deviating from the official narrative on Covid. Last week, state troopers shut down roads and highways leading into downtown Washington, DC to prevent the “Freedom Convoy” from protesting against the government-imposed restrictions, and the police is threatening to arrest anyone who tries to exercise their Constitutional rights of assembly and redressing our government – the rights that make our country not only unique but great. And very few people are defending them because it’s easier to say, ‘just comply with the government.’ It would also have been easier for our founders to pay the extra tea tax or accept taxation without representation. Taking the path of least resistance is the shortest route to subjugation.

Our minds are also being invaded by those who want to control what we see and hear. Big tech and social media platforms are censoring people and speech under the guise they are protecting us from “misinformation”. What exactly are they protecting us from? A tweet, a post, a video are not like bombs or drugs, they can’t kill us or physically hurt us. Why do we need to be protected from something that cannot cause us bodily harm? And who is the arbiter of what is “information”, and what is “misinformation”? Shouldn’t we, the people, have the power to decide what we say and hear and believe, even if it may be wrong? Isn’t diversity of thought what we are going for, doesn’t hearing multiple points of view expand the human mind and understanding? Doesn’t it make us freer? “Misinformation” is posited as the bogeyman to scare the American people into complying with a singular state approved narrative, to take our freedom and submit to the powerful. Isn’t that precisely what Putin is going to do to the Ukrainians when he eventually takes over their country, force them to comply with his state sponsor narratives which is what the Ukrainians are fighting so hard against?

Anyone who questions or warns of US involvement in Ukraine is accused of spreading Russian propaganda, and we must believe the government narrative on everything. But didn’t our government tell us and the media propagated that Trump colluded with the Russians? And Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation? And Iraq had WMDs? And Covid originated from a pangolin in a wet market? And four Americans died in Benghazi because of a YouTube video? And government spending reduces the debt? And violent BLM riots were peaceful protests? Didn’t all that “information” come from people who are determining what is “misinformation”? The arbiters of truth have shown themselves to be the biggest propagandists of them all.

The United States is also being invaded by an even more treacherous enemy which is slowly but surely attacking our cultural, educational, political, and Constitutional institutions, all of which pose existential threats to our Republic. China, the one country in the world who could actually gain world domination, is insidiously invading our country in plain sight, and we are allowing it to happen. Many of our institutions have been infiltrated by Chinese operatives, and have been adopting China’s totalitarian ways. Our media, our social media, and our entertainment industries are all self-censoring to comply with the Chinese Communist Party’s approved narratives.

Hollywood and professional sports are kowtowing to the CCP, overtly pushing Chinese propaganda through their medium or censoring out anti-Chinese or pro American sentiments. Hollywood actor Richard Gere has been blacklisted due to his longtime criticism of the state-sponsored human rights violations in China. In the NBA, Darryl Morey and Enes Kanter Freedom were both run out of the league shortly after posting anti-Chinese sentiment on their social media accounts while the rest of the NBA were being praised for disrespecting the American flag and denigrating our national anthem.

Our educational system has been invaded and infected by woke ideology, such as Critical Race Theory, the 1619 project, and radical gender theory, all of which are designed to tear down the principles and structures of our democratic republic. Our current Supreme Court Nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, someone whose job will be to defend our Constitution, aligns herself with those who believe that our Constitution is racist. These radical ideologies are designed to push our country towards a neo-Marxist political system which will destroy our individual sovereignty and autonomy, and help establish autocratic rule by the elites.

How many Americans who are standing with the Ukrainians are also standing with the Uighurs in China? It’s fashionable to call Vladimir Putin a murderous dictator, and call for his assassination, but how many people call President XI a murderous dictator and call for his assassination? They’re the same person, doing the same things. At least the Ukrainians are fighting back to defend their country. Here in America, we allowing it to happen. We must fight to defend America, fight to stop the invasion at our southern border, fight to stop the takeover of our educational system, our entertainment industry, our media, our culture, our Constitution by Neo-Marxists, fight to protect what America is all about. Everyone is applauding the Ukrainians who are fighting Vladimir Putin and Russia to save their country, and we must fight for America under attack by people who are just as sinister as Putin. Shooting someone in the head is a much more violent act then pouring cyanide in their drink, but the results are exactly the same, the person is dead. Putin uses guns and tanks. The neo-Marxists, the far left, the Chinese Communist Party, use the poison of drugs, radical ideologies, and Marxist propaganda to indoctrinate people into submission to subjugate them just as Putin is doing to the Ukrainians. We all must be willing to fight for our country like the Ukrainians are fighting for theirs.

Judd Garrett is a graduate from Princeton University, and a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He has been a contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.

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For those who don't know him, Jonathan Turley is a law professor at George Washington. I think that he is slightly to the left of center politically and would describe him as a small L liberal who is far removed from the "Woke" self-described progressives who inhabit the Democratic party. He has a blog, Res ipsa loquitor at jonathanturley dot org. In his post today he describes the extent to which many recipients of U.S. foreign aid are signing heavily discounted contracts for Russian gas and oil. He provides a road map that the Congress can follow to sanction those countries. Highly recommended.


Jack Hiller
Jack Hiller

November 2022


Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach and executive. He is a frequent contributer to the website Real Clear Politics, and has recently published his first novel, No Wind

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