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Lines or Lies?

Since his inauguration, President Joe Biden has been actively overturning many of Donald Trump’s policies. On day one, he signed an executive order reversing Trump’s immigration policies, and has not ruled out the possibility of tearing down the wall on our southern border. According to Biden, borders are not necessary. He fails to realize that if a country doesn’t have borders, it isn’t a country. It’s an amorphous land mass where citizenship becomes irrelevant.

Many of the same politicians who want to tear down our nation’s borders live in gated communities behind 10-foot-high security walls. They sue states like Texas from deploying the National Guard to protect the southern border, yet they demand that the Texas National Guard be deployed to DC to protect the perimeter around the Capital. They like borders and guards only when they protect their own interests.

The same politicians who believe the breach of the Capital crossed the line into a “violent insurrection” requiring the deployment of 26,000 National Guardsmen, drew much fuzzier lines when it came to the 157 straight days of BLM and Antifa riots this past year, that killed, injured, burned, and destroyed many of our major cities, referring to them as “mostly peaceful”, no need for police or National Guard support.

Now, the Biden Administration is creating a task force to go after “domestic terrorists”. They are defining “domestic terrorist” only as the far-right groups such as “Proud Boys” and QAnon, but no mention of Black Lives Matter or Antifa. Setting 70 federal buildings on fire and fire-bombing police stations apparently does not cross the line into “domestic terrorism” according to Joe Biden. Only the groups who are responsible for about 2 riots over the last 4 years are the ones who crossed that line. To be clear, we should go after all domestic threats, not just those with a different political ideology.

It’s strange that people who do not want to create a safe country by securing our borders, and are inconsistent when dealing with violence and rioting for political purposes, demand to have their own intellectual “safe spaces” forged within the country. They favor hard strict rules banning and censoring speech of people who have different ideas than they do. They draw clear and distinct lines around certain words or thoughts that are not allowed to enter their safe space, but anyone can enter our country, friend or foe, migrant worker or drug dealer, MS-13 gang member, or terrorist. All are welcome. And if you espouse the right politics, you can shatter windows, break down doors, loots store and burn buildings. But if you espouse the wrong politics, your words cannot enter their safe space. These people spend more time protecting the country from “violent” words than violent people.

The founders established clear hard lines about speech when they wrote, “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech.” Yet, these people want to create laws abridging speech. The same people who will fight to the death to allow the most vile and exploitative pornography to be widely disseminated on the internet will fight to ban the expression “Make America Great Again”. Twitter was so concerned about the safety of its users that they had to ban Donald Trump, yet Twitter is one of the leading platforms for the dissemination of child pornography, and sex trafficking. Yet, they do little to ban or censor those users on their platform.

They are blurring the lines of everything, right and wrong, good and bad, and even male-female. Biden recently signed an executive order allowing biological males to play on female high school sports teams, and enter female bathrooms and locker-rooms, regardless of what gender the scientific DNA says or the physical body presents. According the Biden, there is no line between male and female anymore.

We’re supposed to celebrate when Sarah Thomas becomes the first woman to officiate a Super Bowl or when Kamala Harris becomes the first woman Vice President, because they are breaking gender barriers, but then we are told that gender is a “social construct” and it is “fluid”. They are celebrating gender accomplishments while tearing down the concept of gender.

At the same time, they are blurring the lines between male and female, they are reinforcing the lines that separate the races. Biden signed an executive order making the racially divisive Critical Race Theory which teaches people to judge each other based on race to be taught in federal government agencies and in public schools. They reject Martin Luther King Jr’s tired old line about, not judging people “by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

Are these the most qualified? It’s hard to determine because when Biden announced these selections, he didn’t say, the smartest, the most qualified, the most capable. Intelligence and capability were secondary in making these selections. The priority was skin color, or gender, or lifestyle. These people may be qualified or they may not be qualified. But when the main characteristic for their appointment is skin color or gender or lifestyle, then the question of “qualified” remains. They may be qualified, but are they the most qualified? Do you want Patrick Mahomes or Ryan Tannehill as your quarterback? Both are qualified NFL starting quarterbacks. But the most qualified quarterback leads you to the Super Bowl. The other one only gets you so far. Do we want to be the Super Bowl Champs or an also-ran?

The problem is not that people of different groups are in the Cabinet. The problem is that Joe Biden told us they were selected because of their group identity. He celebrated the fact. When you make decisions based on group identity, you divide people. If you hail diversity based solely on group identity, then you are claiming that there are inherent differences between people due solely to that different identity, which is, in fact, prejudice and discriminatory.

Biden is prepared to draw another sharp line by rescinding the Mexico City Rule, as well as the Hyde Amendment regarding abortion. He is unilaterally drawing the line that says life begins at birth and birth alone. Don’t show me your beating heart, your functioning brain, your expanding lungs, your moving limbs, your eyes, ears, nose. I don’t want to see any of that. You are on the wrong side of the line I drew, so you’re dead.

When it came to Covid, the lines were very clear; you must wear a mask, you must social distance, you must stay locked in your house. Those lines were strict, unequivocal, must never be crossed, unless you’re a BLM or Antifa rioter, or a Democratic politician, and then those strict unequivocal lines become very fuzzy or even unnecessary.

Biden is continually erasing the lines which should be immutable, and drawing lines where none should be which is clearly a sign of an unprincipled soul. He is not a rudderless ship. He merely steers the ship solely in the direction that is most beneficial to him and his side. To these people, if you hold the approved political orthodoxy, there are no lines containing you, the rules do not apply, everything is shades of gray. If you do not hold that orthodoxy, then the strictest, harshest, most draconian rules are enforced.

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2 commentaires

17 févr. 2021

I haven't seen the article that analyzes, and I assume supports, the telephone call from Trump to the GA Sec of State requesting vote fraud; it should be good, but, so far, I have not located it.


29 janv. 2021

I totally agree. Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are so corrupt and are totally trying to change our country. I believe in Freedom, not censorship. I’m really worried for the future of our country.


Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach and executive. He is a frequent contributer to the website Real Clear Politics, and has recently published his first novel, No Wind

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