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Mailing It In

There is an old saying in sports, “if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying.” Competitive people will do pretty much anything legal or illegal to gain an advantage, whether it’s the Left Tackle grabbing the jersey of the defensive end, or the wide receiver pushing off the corner back. They will do what they have to do to win. And as they say, “it ain’t wrong, if you don’t get caught.”

This mentality has carried over to off the field behavior in sports. There have been numerous examples of cheating in sports off the field from “Spy-gate” to “Deflate-gate” to illegal use of PEDs to using electronics to steal signs. Certain people will do what they have to do to gain an advantage to win.

This type of nefarious behavior is not exclusive to sports, either. You find cheating and fraud in all walks of life. There are 9 million cases identity theft each year in our country. There is $40 billion of insurance fraud committed each year. There were 270,000 instances of credit card fraud in 2019.

We have elaborate security systems with cameras and alarms protecting our houses. Every electronic device, every business or financial website, every email account is password protected. Our computers are protected by LifeLock or Identity Guard. The United States spends $15 billion a year in cyber-security. Our homes are protected by Ring or Nest. We spend over $20 billion on home security.

We are asked to show an identification card to fly on a plane, borrow a library book, cash a check, drive a car, rent a car, rent a hotel room, buy some over the counter cold medications, buy alcohol and tobacco products, get married, exercise your 2nd amendment rights, open a bank account.

There is a strong push for mail-in voting in the 2020 election. Some states have already implemented a mail-in voting system. And we are told that these systems of voting will be completely safe from fraud. If we look at all the things in daily life that people are cheating and committing fraud at, why do we think that somehow voting will be immune to attempts of fraud? We cannot solely rely on the integrity of the people within the system to ensure the integrity of the system. We need to put strong mechanisms in place to ensure that voting is free from fraud.

Since 2016, there have been at least 12 cases of voter fraud in the United States – Hoboken, New Jersey; Philadelphia, PA; Pendleton, West Virginia, Skid Row, California; Gordon, Alabama; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Illinois; Florida; New Mexico; Indiana; Arizona. But we are continually told that according to studies there is no evidence of fraud in mail-in voting.

Kessler International, a firm that investigates digital and accounting forensics, performed a study of college students. 86% of the students admitted they cheated in school, 54% believed that cheating was OK, and 97% said they got away with it. So, the studies that say mail-in voter fraud is rare cannot be verified. The professors believe that cheating in college is rare because they only catch 3% of the 86% of the students who are cheating. So, those studies mean absolutely nothing when determining the prevalence of fraud in mail-in voting. We must look at the mechanisms in place to prevent voter fraud in the mail-in system to determine how secure it is, and they are not very robust.

One person, one vote is one of the most vital part of our democratic system. Ensuring the integrity of our elections is fundamental to our system of government. Every fraudulent vote, every time someone votes multiple times, disenfranchises the hundreds of millions of voters who submitted legal ballots. We are all disenfranchised when voter fraud is committed.

Any election to determine who controls the most powerful government in the world with a $4.4 trillion budget invites the possibility of cheating and fraud. Yet, we are expected to believe that mail-in voting which has no oversight, no mechanisms in place to verify that each mail-in vote is being submitted by the intended eligible voter, or that the eligible voters are only voting once will be free from fraud and corruption?

United States politics has proven itself over the years not to be the bastion of integrity when it comes to elections. There are histories of voter fraud from dead people voting to buying votes to suppressing votes.

The Russian Collusion investigation proved that someone was doing something illegal to sway the 2016 election. Either President Trump’s campaign colluded with the Russians to steal the election or the Democrats created this hoax to try to illegally unseat a duly-elected President. Either way, the investigation showed that there were entities within our political system trying to disenfranchise the American voter.

There are credible claims that the Russians and the Chinese are actively trying to influence the 2020 election. So, why would we set-up a mail-in ballot system with very little oversight that makes it easier on them to illegally influence our election? Mail-in voting is not needed to deal with Covid-19. If you can shop at the grocery store, you can vote at a polling place.

Mail-in voting is not the same as absentee voting, where certain voters have legitimate reasons why they cannot make it to the polling place; they are out of the country, or in the military, or too infirmed to leave their homes. The people with underlying medical conditions who do want to risk contracting Covid-19 should be able to vote absentee. But papering the country with mail-in ballots where many of the ballots could easily end up in the wrong people’s hands will be rife with fraud.

Is anyone going to argue that voter fraud will not be attempted in this election, after everything we have witnessed in American politics over the last 4 years? The FBI obtaining fraudulent FISA warrants to spy on a political campaign or the setting up government officials for perjury traps to push their agenda.

There are groups rioting, burning down cities to get the political change they want. Many people have been injured and killed in the riots designed to strong arm our politicians to enact certain political change. The people leading these riots are threatening government officials saying, “if you don’t give us what we want, then we will burn down the whole system.” But we think that somehow voter fraud will be off-limits to people with this mentality? Do you think these people are saying ‘it’s okay to maim and kill for my political agenda, but I will never violate the purity and sanctity of the voting process for my agenda.’? If they are willing to burn down buildings and kill, they will be willing to stuff the ballot boxes with purloined ballots.

It’s not hard to wonder if the ones who are advocating for mail-in voting the most, are most likely the ones who have mechanisms already in place to exploit the lack of security and compromise the integrity of the process.

Do we actually believe that everyone is working on scout’s honor? Have we not been watching what’s been going on in American politics lately? Many people in the political class have embraced the philosophy that the ends justify the means. So, if they believe that their candidate becoming President is the best end result, the means of accomplishing that whether it is legal or illegal becomes irrelevant. Does anyone think that certain people if given the easy opportunity to cheat in this election won’t? The ends do not justify the means. If we do not do everything in our power to ensure the integrity of our elections regardless of who wins, then we will destroy the foundation of our government, our great nation beyond repair.

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