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Out of Control

Shortly after a lone gun man with a history of mental illness, committed a mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine which killed 22 people this past Wednesday, many on the left, started blaming the guns for the killings and called for more gun control laws. New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham tweeted, “We need to know how this person had access to this firearm and enact appropriate common-sense gun laws to prevent these tragedies.” Founder of far-left wing group, Moms Demand Action, Shannon Watts demanded a laundry list of gun control legislation. President Joe Biden said, “I once again call on Republicans in Congress to fulfill their obligation to keep the American people safe” by passing gun control legislation.

Strangely, after Hamas’ deadly attack on innocent citizens in Israel on October 7, no one on the left blamed the guns. They didn’t even blame the people who shot the guns. After a perfunctory statement of condolences, they quickly pivoted, and started blaming Israel – the victims of the attack – for the attack. We started hearing phrases like “apartheid state” and “free Palestine”. Throughout our country, many left-wing activists protested, not in support of the innocent civilians who were slaughtered, but in support of Palestine. Essentially, these people were justifying murdering grandmothers and little babies to promote their political agenda.

United States College campuses were a hot bed of this pro-terrorist activism. Staff at Cooper Union College in New York had to lock a group of Jewish students in the library for their own safety from pro-Palestinian students. Why weren’t the pro-Palestinians students who were threatening violence on Jewish students arrested, or at least expelled from school. Students at George Washington University projected pro-terror, anti-Israel messages onto a school library in the wake of Hamas’ terrorist attack in Israel. Students at Princeton led a protest chanting for the murder of Jews. Cornell Professor Russell Rickford called Hamas’ terrorist attack as “exhilarating.”

The left will blame everyone and everything else for gun violence other than the shooter, unless the shooter happens to be a white heterosexual male conservative, then it is 100% the shooter. So, on the one hand, when there is a terrorist attack in Israel, killing 1400 people, the people on the left will blame the victims for their own murder, but on the other hand, when there is a mass shooting in Maine, the people on the left will blame the guns. These are the intellectual contortions you must go through to be a member of the left. It’s much easier to be on the right. Ask a conservative, who is to blame for the attack on Israel, and they will tell you, the evil people who actually targeted and killed innocent civilians. Ask them, who is responsible for the killings in Maine? The evil person who decided to murder 22 civilians. It’s very simple. Evil people murder innocent people. There is no justification for that. It’s not the victims’ fault. It’s not the gun’s fault.

Maybe one of the reasons why the left hesitates to blame the guns for the attack on Israel is because many of the weapons that were used by the Hamas terrorists to kill Jewish people, most likely came from the United States. Some of the $80 billion of weapons that we left in Afghanistan is 2021, most likely were shipped to Hamas terrorists from the Taliban who like Hamas want to kill Jews and destroy Israel. So, the left can’t blame the guns for the murders in Israel, because the gun supplier in that case would be none other than Joseph Biden. But in reality, it most likely was not Joe Biden who made that call to leave the weapons behind but Barack Hussein Obama, who is the de facto President of United States right now. Joe Biden can’t even decide what to have for lunch each day, much less decide how our military is to leave Afghanistan.

Obama, whose father was a Muslim – wrote a book entitled, “Dreams of My Father”, and went to a church for 20 years whose pastor used to preach, “God damn America!” – has a healthy destain for America and sympathy for everything Islam. He knew exactly what would happen to those weapons that were left behind in Afghanistan. They would make their way to Hamas to be used to the fight to eradicate our ally Israel from the planet. That was his plan all along. Is that a conspiracy theory? Maybe. But is it a conspiracy theory that in 2016, Obama gave Iran – the number one state sponsor of terrorism on the planet – $500 million of cash on pallets as part of an Iran-Nuclear deal? Is it a conspiracy theory that Obama’s proxy, Joe Biden, gave Iran $6 billion as part of his Iran-Nuclear deal in 2023? Why does these people continue to give billions of dollars to a terrorist state whose leaders lead chants of “death to Israel” and “death to America”, and who funded Hamas’ recent attack on Israel? Why does it seem like they prefer to support terrorists and not defeat them?

In a statement concerning Israel’s response to Hamas’ terrorist attack, Obama said, “In particular, it matters — as President Biden has repeatedly emphasized — that Israel’s military strategy abides by international law, including those laws that seek to avoid, to every extent possible, the death or suffering of civilian populations.” Did Obama make a statement telling Hamas to stop hiding behind civilians? Hamas is the one who has injected civilians into this war. They started by targeting Israeli civilians and now they are hiding behind Palestinian civilians. The death of every civilian should be laid at the feet of Hamas, regardless of whose bullet killed them. Israel would welcome a chance to fight Hamas on an open battlefield with no civilians within a hundred miles, but Hamas wants civilians intertwined in this war. Obama’s statement is merely a setup to later turn public sentiment against Israel when they start defeating Hamas.

Is it just a coincidence that the same people who want to take our guns away and who give billions of dollars and weapons to terrorists, are the same group of people who have opened our southern border allowing over 7 million undocumented foreign nationals from all over the world to enter the United States since January 2021? The US Border Patrol revealed that nearly 100 Syrian and 50 Iranian nationals have crossed the United States border since the beginning of October alone. Remember, it took only 19 terrorists to kill 3,000 Americans on 9/11. In Israel, Hamas had to build an elaborate series of 150 tunnels to sneak into that country to execute its deadly terrorist attack. In the United States, terrorists don’t have to build tunnels, they have Joe Biden. Biden opened our border to anyone in the world the day he was inaugurated, and thousands of terrorists who want “death to America” have come in. It’s fair to ask, how many terrorist cells are in the United States, right now poised to be activated?

According to reporters on the ground in Israel, it was armed Israeli civilians, not the army, who first stopped the Hamas terrorists. Maybe that’s the real reason why the Obama acolytes in the Biden administration want to have both an open border and our citizens disarmed. They do not want the citizens to fight back when the terrorists attack. On Friday, Joe Biden, whose administration opened our border, said sarcastically, “Who the hell needs an assault weapon that can hold, in some cases, up to 100 rounds?” One answer is, citizens under attack from terrorists – the terrorists you, Joe Biden, have let into this country the last two and a half years. Hey Joe, why the hell did you need to give $6.5 billion to a terrorist state? Why the hell did you need to give the Taliban $80 billion of our weapons? And why the hell did you need to open our border? Those are the more pressing questions and those are questions Biden will never answer because there is no logical answer other than, the people who are running your administration want to destroy America.


Judd Garrett is a graduate from Princeton University, and a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He has been a contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.

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1 Comment

Sam Dehne
Sam Dehne
Nov 01, 2023


Blundering Biden? NO!!!

There never ever ever was a more obvious commie collaborator.

T R E A S O N personified!

God help America.. we are going to need it badly.

Sam DNA Dehne PS

This diabolical buckfidens's cartel list does not even have

the border invasion nor Afghanistan, etc, etc on it:


Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach and executive. He is a frequent contributer to the website Real Clear Politics, and has recently published his first novel, No Wind

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