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Rats and Cockroaches

There are two creatures who hate the light, rats and cockroaches. Whenever light is shown on them, they scatter for the cracks, crevices and crags, frantically seeking out the darkness because they don’t want anyone to see what they are doing. They love the darkness. They thrive in the darkness. There is a third creature who hates the light as well – Democrat politicians. They hate the light for all the same reasons that the rats and cockroaches hate the light, they do not want anyone to see what they are up to. But a big difference is that not only do the Democrat politicians want to remain in the darkness, they want you to live in the darkness as well, so they can continue their wicked ways without you seeing.

The last two nights, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on his broadcast, has shown video that had never been seen by the public, of the United States Capital on January 6, 2021. This video had been hidden from the American people for the last 26 months, and Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer is apoplectic. Like his fellow rats and cockroaches, Schumer is frantically scrambling for everyone to be thrown back into the darkness, so he can hide in the shadows where he and the Democrats can continue their nefarious ways.

In a panic-laced speech before Congress on Monday, Schumer condemned Tucker Carlson, calling him “shameful”. He claimed that Carlson was “lying to his audience”, and accused him of “cherry-picking from thousands of hours of video”. He also charged House Speaker Kevin McCarthy with choosing “cheap political expediency over truth and democracy” because he released the video. At the end of the speech, Schumer urged “Fox News to order Carlson to cease” showing the video that had never been hidden by the public.

There is a lot to unpack from his speech, but it all falls under the category of, the Democrats will always accuse their opponents of the crimes that they, themselves, are committing. He claims that Carlson was “lying to his audience” but the video clearly shows that the Democrats have been lying to the American people for the last 26 months. January 6th was not a deadly armed insurrection. It was a riot. The video proves that. There was no insurrection. No one was armed. There was some violence that was consistent with a riot, not an insurrection. And January 6th was far less violent than many of the 500 BLM riots that we witnessed for 5 months in 2020, that members of Chuck Schumer’s party called “most peaceful protests.”

There were no words that Tucker Carlson said Monday or Tuesday night that caused me to arrive at the conclusion I have drawn. The video itself proved what January 6th was and what it wasn’t. I could have put the sound on my television on mute and just watched the video, and concluded that everything the January 6 committed tried to convince the American people was an orchestrated lie. The video evidence speaks for itself, and that’s why it had been hidden by the Democrats for over 2 years.

Schumer said that Carlson was “cherry-picking from thousands of hours of video”. That was exactly what Nancy Pelosi and the January 6th Committee did when they only showed video that supported their narrative, and kept thousands of hours of contrary video hidden, not only from the public, but also from many of January 6th defendants, denying them their Constitutional rights of due process and access to potentially exculpatory evidence. The side that wants to keep video hidden is the side that is cherry-picking. That is what cherry-picking means. And it is Chuck Schumer and the Democrats who want to keep video hidden. All of the other video that the January 6th Committee has already released is still out there in the public square if viewers want to see it and compare it to Carlson video.

It was Schumer, not McCarthy, who was choosing “cheap political expediency over truth and democracy” when Schumer urged “Fox News to order Carlson to cease” showing the video. But releasing the video to the public is standing up for truth and democracy, not suppressing it. Calling for censorship of the video and the shutting down of a news agency is anti-truth and anti-democracy. They don’t want Tucker Carlson to show the video for the same reason they didn’t release the video for 2 years. It contradicted their narrative. If the video had supported their narrative, then Chuck Schumer would be praising the release of the video.

I thought we live in a country that believes that releasing the video promotes truth and justice. There is a reason why there are cameras all over the Capital grounds, so if there is ever a questionable incident, we would have the video evidence to determine exactly what happened. That’s why people demand that police officers wear body cameras so we can see for ourselves what happened during a highly charged situation. Wasn’t it a good that we had video footage of the Rodney King beating? And wouldn’t we logically construe that if the police officers or the powers to be went to great lengths not to show large portions of the video, then they were most likely covering up some wrongdoing.

The NFL, the NBA, MLB, all use video replays so the officials can review a close play and determine whether the correct call had been made or not. What would we think if on a certain close call, the league office stepped in and denied the officials on the field access to the video, if there were certain camera angles of the play that the league refused to be released to the replay officials? We would believe the league was hiding something and attempting to manipulate the outcome of the game. We would not believe that that was the right, fair and just thing to do.

Isn’t the release of information a good thing? Didn’t we glorify the release of the Pentagon Papers to the Washington Post? Isn’t the motto of the Washington Post, “Democracy dies in darkness”? They even made a movie about it called, The Post, and heralded Katherine Graham and Ben Bradlee as heroes, standing up for truth and democracy. Isn’t Carlson doing the exact same thing as Graham and Bradlee, releasing information which exposes the lies of our political class? When former FBI Director, James Comey, leaked classified documents to the New York Times trying to damage Donald Trump, the same people who are objecting to this footage being released, cheered. They said he was standing up for Democracy.

Schumer was right on one point, though, January 6 was not non-violent. An unarmed 35-year-old, 130-pound woman, named Ashli Babbitt, was violently killed by a Capital Police officer, Michael Bird. Strangely, Officer Bird was given a medal for his act of violence. The most violent person at the Capital on January 6th was honored as a hero by Joe Biden and the Democrats. The cowardly 200-pound man, who was so scared of a 130-pound unarmed woman that he believed his only recourse to stop her from climbing through a window was to shoot her in the neck and kill her, is a hero to the Democrats. And in true rat and cockroach form, Michael Bird hid his identity in the darkness from the public for a year.

The Democrats have absolutely no substance, that is why they lie so easily. Everything the Democrats do is about theatre, about creating a false narrative. There is nothing to them of substance, at least nothing positive that is substantive. They can only win over voters by creating these sham narratives. They cannot win on the merits of their political positions. The Democrats make up fake crimes while covering up real crimes. Right now, the Democrats have lied so often about so many things that they are lying about lying. How do we get to a place in our country where the person who is showing the public all the evidence and all the facts is the liar, and the one who hides evidence from the public is the one standing up for the truth? The people who claim that the act of showing the video tape is lying, are lying themselves. There is an easy litmus test, if you want to silence the media and suppress video from the public, you are lying. And Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Democrats want to do just that.


Judd Garrett is a graduate from Princeton University, and a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He has been a contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.

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Adler Pfingsten

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Projection was defined by Sigmund Freud as a psychological defense mechanism by which people repress a sense of guilt for some thought or impulse by attributing the same thoughts or impulses upon others; “negation” elevated from defensive mechanism to offensive weapon by the Marxian political class who rightly fear the American people.

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Jack Hiller
Jack Hiller

Watched Carlson's broadcasts Mon, Tues, and today, Wed. The videos shown seemed ample to characterize activities in the Capital bldg that contradicted the insurrection narrative. Every member of the House Jan 6 Committee is now documented as treasonous, with the worst of all Peloci. I was surprised at how hard Schumer tried to cover with his lies and issued demands that Carlson be fired. But I am most suprised by the seeming silence of Peloci who was caught in the coverup and lies. And then there is Garland feigning his hurt that 5 police were killed, when the record in that none were killed on Jan 6. That hard copy video has shown us just how corrupt and sinister th…


Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach and executive. He is a frequent contributer to the website Real Clear Politics, and has recently published his first novel, No Wind

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