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Shirley You Jest

Was this whole beard trend lately, just men’s way of growing permanent masks?

Picking up take-out these days feels a lot like a drug deal.

If you get arrested, can the last two months count as time served?

Now we know how our dogs feel all day when we go to work.

I saw a police officer putting yellow caution tape around a swing set today as if it were a crime scene or contained toxic waste.

Why are sports like tennis and golf outlawed? You are more social distanced playing these sports than anything else you do in life.

Why are violent criminals being let out of jail, and social distance violators put in their cells?

Why do they put that clear plastic film on credit card key pads in stores? Plastic doesn’t kill the virus and we’re all touching the same plastic film again and again and again.

I didn’t realize that Covid-19 was pronounced a lot like dysentery.

Can everyone use their homes as a business write off this year?

According to my Apple Watch, these last two months I’ve walked more miles than I’ve driven.

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24. Mai 2020

I’m so sick of everything being labeled as “racist”. It’s because they usually can’t think of anything else to say. I agree call things out for what they are! I think it’s great that mainly because of Trump, we are speaking our minds and demanding the truth!

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