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The Color of Racism

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu exposed her deep seeded racial prejudices after her assistant mistakenly sent out invitations to her “Electeds of Color” holiday party to the entire city council, including the “electeds of non-color”. What she is saying to those elected white people, you are not worthy to celebrate Christmas with because your skin is white. That sentiment is antithetical to what the Christmas season is all about. Excluding someone from a Christmas party because of their skin color goes against everything that Christmas stands for – love, forgiveness, unity, self-sacrifice. She has destroyed the meaning of the holiday she is celebrating.

In response to this controversy, Mayor Wu said that it was “truly just an honest mistake that went out in typing the email field, and I look forward to celebrating with everyone at the holiday party that we will have beside this one as well. It is my intention that again we can be a city that lives its values and creates space for all kinds of communities to come together.” So, she believes that the only thing she did wrong was mistakenly sending out a racially exclusive party invitation to the people who she excluded from the party. In her mind, her mistake was letting the excluded know that they were excluded, it was not having a racially exclusive party to begin with. If the party was right to have, then why was it wrong that everyone found out about it? Why did she have to keep it a secret? 

Since it was meant to be a secret, it is fair to ask, how many of these types of racially exclusive events have been held by this mayor since she took office in 2021? I’m sure this one is not the first.  The white-electeds who were not invited should not lose a second of sleep from not getting to go to a party thrown by a person who hates you because of your skin color. They should be thankful that they were not forced spend time with people who judge you negatively because of irrelevant physical traits beyond your control. Michelle Wu is a racist. There is no two ways around that. She judges and excludes people based solely on the color of their skin. And that is the definition of racism. And every “elected of color” who attended the party are equally racist.

At the end of her statement, Mayor Wu states that she wants “all kinds of communities to come together”, and she thinks that is best achieved by excluding people from different communities because of their race. Nothing will come of this. The media backlash will be minimal – a few days at most. She will not be pressured to resign. The media will run cover for her and she will not be voted out of office during the next election. She is untouchable. We all know that if a white mayor threw a party solely for white elected people, the public and media backlash would have been so great that he or she would have already been forced to resign.

Meanwhile, Harvard President Claudine Gay still has her job. She has not been forced to resign even after her congressional testimony where she refused to condemn antisemitic protests on her campus calling for the genocide of the Jews, and after the New York Post uncovered “more than two dozen instances” in which she had committed plagiarism in her academic pursuits, including her Ph.D. dissertation. Harvard covered up a previous investigation into similar accusations, and now they have hired Thomas Clare, a high-powered Virginia-based attorney with the firm Clare-Locke to go after the New York Post, threatening them with defamation, for exposing the truth.



Last week, the University of Pennsylvania forced their President Liz Magill to resign days after she testified in front of congress substantively like Claudine Gay. Magill should be out. But the black female President at Harvard is not out for doing the same thing that got the white female President at Penn fired. At least, Magill had legitimate academic achievement to her credit.  President Gay not only defended antisemites; she does not have the legitimate academic bona fides which are required for her position at an elite University. Yet she remains as President of Harvard. Her only redeeming qualities are the fact that she is black and a female. They are a shield that protects her from her own incompetence. 


Harvard defended Claudine gay for the same reason that Claudine Gay refused to condemn the antisemites on her campus, they are both scared of the backlash from the intersectional mob. The majority of mob calling for the genocide of the Jews on her campus were people of color. Claudia Gay defended the indefensible because she feared that the intersectional mob which exerted pressure on Harvard to elevate her to president, would no longer support her, so she was willing to defend a call for the genocide of the Jews to protect herself. I guess that is what we look for in our leaders now.


This is one of the reasons why it’s so very dangerous to be bullied into hiring certain people based on race and gender, as opposed to qualifications, because the group pressuring that decision will also pressure a lot of other disgraceful decisions. And the university refuses to fire Claudine Gay for her plagiarism because they fear the same mob will come after them. This is a mob mentality. There’s no intellect, there’s no intelligence involved in these decisions. It’s fear, it’s emotion, it’s threats that are driving all of these decisions.


These two examples provide further evidence that white people for many years have been getting a very bad rap. Yes, there is a history in this country of white people being racist against non-whites. But as we see with Michelle Wu and Claudine Gay, as soon as non-white people are put into powerful positions, they behave just as racist as the white people in our past who we revile. Racism is not exclusive to the white race. Racism occurs when we give human beings power, regardless of their race. Human beings will exploit that power. So, when these race baiters who are taking over our country, continually state that all white people are inherently racist, that is all discredited by the actions of Claudine Gay and Michelle Wu. Changing the race of the person in power does not stop racism, it merely changes the victim of the racism.


Michelle Wu doesn’t oppose racial discrimination because it is inherently wrong; she opposes racial discrimination only when she is the victim of racial discrimination. When she is the perpetrator of racial discrimination, she will defend her right to do it. It is so disappointing that these women of color, who were in power positions have not been able to set the proper example of how to exercise that power. It has been asked so often as we look back on our history, why the people in power didn’t do anything to stop racism and discrimination? And this is why.


It doesn’t matter if a white male is in power or a female of color is in power, if they can use that power to their advantage, even if it means discriminating against someone based on their race, more often than not, they will do it. And this proves once again, that racism and discrimination is not exclusive to the white race, every race is capable, and has committed acts of extreme racism. So, all those people out there who suffering from self-imposed “white guilt” because of America’s history of racism, let that go. Stop. If you have never excluded someone or judged someone based on their skin color, then you are not the racist. You are guilty of nothing. Racism isn’t something that just taints the white race, it taints every race. And the actions of Michelle Woo and Claudine Gay have made that very, very clear. They are both proven racists.




Judd Garrett is a graduate from Princeton University, and a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He has been a contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.

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Sam Dehne
Sam Dehne
Dec 24, 2023


Great report. If you would run for govt position..

I would vote for you in a flash!

Hopefully that is meant as a compliment.

Sam DNA Dehne


Adler Pfingsten
Adler Pfingsten
Dec 21, 2023

Take a close look at the number of women of color (especially overweight black women) who have been elevated to positions of authority. Obviously there has been an organized effort which I call the Soros Oprah Winfrey Project. Then consider how many have abused their positions like Mosby in Baltimore and Fani Willis among many others.

I very much agree with you that whites in western civilization will need to shake of the stigma attendant to confronting these racists who always claim to be victims of racism.


Jack Hiller
Jack Hiller
Dec 17, 2023

JG, Thanks for an intelligent, accurate characterization of identity politics powered by DEI.

When I attended grade school in the 40s (yeah, I be old), we were taught about the idea of the melting pot in which immigrants from any part of the world were happily (for them and the country) assimilated into the "American" culture, with all citizens equal before the law. The newly evolved Progressive, Socialist, Godless DemoRat Party has been destroying civility, and unlawfully treating citizens as favored or denigrated based on anything and everything except their individual citizen Constitutional rights as equal before the law. Segregation is now in vogue by minorities, as for example most practiced at Harvard graduation ceremonies, Harvard taking a leadership role…


Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach and executive. He is a frequent contributer to the website Real Clear Politics, and has recently published his first novel, No Wind

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