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The Red New Deal


Many climate change proponents are using the recent heat wave that has hit Texas, with temperatures as high as 108°, as definitive proof of climate change. Ironically, a year and a half ago, when Texas was hit with an extreme cold snap, with temperatures as low as 2°, many climate change proponents rebuked anyone who tried to use the unusually cold temperatures as proof that there is no global warming. They scolded us, “That was weather and not climate”. How is it that a week of single-digit temperatures is considered “weather” but a week of triple digit temperatures is considered “climate”? To them, “climate” is any meteorological event or data set that supports the climate change narrative, but “weather” is any meteorological event or data set that dispels the climate change narrative.

Failed Presidential candidate Al Gore recently said that, if we don’t use this heat wave to completely buy into climate change and the green new deal, then we are the equivalent to the “law enforcement officers in Uvalde, Texas, who were waiting outside an unlocked door while the children were being massacred.” And this is the way they always play it. They don’t look at the facts. They don’t look at the science. They don’t look at reality. They only work on emotion and fear. They pick and choose which events can be used to push their theories and narratives and dispel those which don’t.

In reality, we are making a sharp left turn toward total renewable or green energy, and the infeasibility of that is clear. The Biden administration is pushing everyone to drive electric cars, and they believe that all the energy we will need to do all that can be produced with wind and solar energy. Right now, wind and solar account for less than 10% of our energy grid. What will happen to our energy grid when all 290 million gas powered automobiles in America are replaced by electric cars? Our energy needs would double, or even triple. And if the demand for electricity outpaces the supply, the cost will rise dramatically.

Climate proponents will say, ‘let’s expand the energy grid’. Great, but what will be producing all this new energy? If we are burning fossil fuels like coal, then what is the point of changing to electric cars? According to climate change proponents, fossil fuels are the cause the “climate crisis” in the first place. How will burning more fossil fuels to meet the increase in our electricity needs solve the “climate crisis”? It won’t. Fossil fuel energy from electricity is not more efficient than the energy from gasoline. Energy is energy is energy. It takes a certain amount of energy to move a 3,000-pound automobile whether that energy is produced in an internal combustion energy burning gasoline or in a power plant burning coal.

They believe that we can produce all the energy we will need through wind and solar power. That’s a beautiful idea, in theory, but does it work? Is it practical? And how does that change affect how the rest of our country operates? In America, the average person uses 4500 kWh per year of electricity. There are 330 million people in America, so that comes out to 1.485 trillion kWh per year for individual use, and that is not including business use or electric cars. One acre of solar farms produces 351 MWh of electricity every year. So, we would need 4.230 million acres of solar farms to meet our energy needs. How much of our vital farmland will be consumed by solar and wind farms when we become completely green? What will that do to drive up the cost of food? How many Americans will starve to death when the price of food doubles or triples because we no longer have the useful farmland to feed them? And where does 90% of the solar panels and wind turbines come from? Our number one geo-political enemy, China.

If global warming is real, and caused by carbon emissions, everything we are doing by going green, will do nothing to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere or the temperature of the planet, because before it is all said and done, every ounce of fossil fuel under our earth’s crust, will be drilled and burned, and every molecule of carbon will be emitted into the earth’s atmosphere. The only question is, who will be burning it? The obvious answer is China. China is not curtailing its use of fossil fuels. While we are shutting down many of our coal-fired power plants, China is rapidly expanding theirs. The United States has only 600 coal-fired power plants left, while China’s has grown to 3,037, and they are building many more. China already extracts and burns more coal than the rest of the world combined. While China is growing its economy exponentially, we are shrinking ours. That is why China is gladly selling us solar panels and windmill turbines. They want us to go green. Every solar panel and every wind turbine we buy from them, makes us poorer and poorer, and makes them richer and richer, and does nothing to help the environment.

Some time, in the near future, China will surpass the United States as the world’s economic superpower. At that point, considering that economics is vital to the survival of every country, and most countries will have become dependent on China, China will be calling the shots around the world. They will be dictating the fortunes of the 194 other countries on earth including the United States. At that point, all the oil sitting under the United States, will be drilled and shipped off to China. While we are driving around in electric cars, suffering through rolling blackouts, and sitting in our houses in the middle of the summer without air conditioning, China will be living in a modern country, like we used to live in.

How will China have access to that oil underneath our country? Can’t we just choose not to drill it? In theory, yes. But consider that the Biden administration has shipped over 6 million barrels of oil out of our strategic reserves to China – 6 million barrels of oil that was set aside for emergency use for Americans, China is burning and spewing its carbon into our atmosphere right now. This was not a normal sale of oil to a foreign country. This is oil from our strategic oil reserves designed for America in case of an emergency, and yet China simply asked Joe Biden for it, and he dutifully complied.

China should not receive one drop of our oil, not one. Remember, they started the worldwide pandemic which killed tens of millions of people worldwide; they destroyed the world’s economy; they are importing record amounts of fentanyl into our country which is killing hundreds of thousands of Americans; they run forced labor and concentration camps inside their borders; they steal our intellectual property; they manipulate their currency; they use Tik Tok to pump its propaganda into tens of millions of western citizens, as well as mining their personal data and spying on their phones. They have done nothing to deserve any of our consideration, much less our oil, and yet our so-called “leader” has already given them 6 million barrels of our strategic oil reserves.

China is already calling the shots in America. Remember how big tech, the left-wing media, and many of the Democrats in our country bent over backwards to protect China from their culpability in starting the Covid-19 pandemic? We have become so dependent on China for the basic products we need to even survive because we have willfully shifted our manufacturing to them, so if we don’t do what they ask us, they can just choose not to ship us products we need. If you still don’t believe that China is already calling the shots in America, consider Hollywood and the NBA. Hollywood proports itself to be a bastion of free expression of art, but regularly Hollywood allows movies which may offend the Chinese to be censored or altered to fit the Chinese communist party sensibilities because Hollywood relies on Chinese dollars for their profits. Big tech and social media platforms regularly censor the voices of American citizens at the behest of the Chinese communist party.

The NBA which prides itself is being a strong supporter of human rights, standing up against inequality and civil rights abuses, have actively silenced and blackballed anyone in the league who has had the temerity to point out the massive human rights abuses that are so common throughout China. In the NBA, you’re free to criticize America all you want, but you cannot say one negative thing about China. Why? Because China has completely bought and sold the NBA. There’s over $1 billion worth of revenue coming from China into the NBA, so China is going to dictate to the NBA what can be said and what can’t be said by its players or executives.

So, we can claim that China will never be able to touch the 1.5 trillion barrels of oil underneath America, but remember China is rapidly buying up as much of our farmland as they can get. They purchased over $6.1 billion worth of land and homes in America last year. China bought 300 acres of land less than a 20-minute drive from Grand Forks Air Force Base, which is home of some of the country’s most sophisticated military drone technology; they close enough to spy on our military’s most high-tech weaponry. And we have allowed them to do it. No one is pushing back against China buying up large parts of America. They do whatever they want to us with impunity.

So, 30 or 40 years from now, when America is a second class economic country, because we’ve turned ourselves over to the green new deal and refused to drill our massive oil reserves, and have become totally dependent on China, when China tells us to drill all the oil in Anwar or the shale in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado, and ship it to them, we will dutifully do it because if we don’t, they won’t ship us all the products we need to live. China will continually get richer and richer, while we get poorer and poorer, and the carbon footprint of humanity will not decrease one iota no matter how many windmills we build or solar farms we create.

Once the economic superpower pendulum swings to China, it ain’t coming back to America. We’re done. And when China is calling the shots, do you think they will care about our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, unalienable rights for all citizens? Do you think a country that has a history of limiting how many babies can be born and of state-sponsored forced abortions will care about reproductive rights of women that we hear so much about lately in this country? And will they care about climate change or the environment? Of course not.

Make no mistake. This is not the Green New Deal; it is the Red New Deal. We are setting up Red China to not only become the world’s number one economic superpower, but also the ruler of the world. And very little of the environmental agenda that the Green New Deal is designed to achieve, will ever be realized. Remember, the carbon that is emitted from the other side of the world will affect us as well. And China has shown no signs of slowing down their use of fossil fuels. They will burn every ounce of fossil fuels they can get their hands on including the fossil fuels we are refusing to burn ourselves. And let’s not take solace in basking in our moral superiority over the Chinese, because there’s nothing morally superior in subjugating ourselves and the rest of the free world to tyrants.

Judd Garrett is a graduate from Princeton University, and a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He has been a contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.

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tom hofstetter
tom hofstetter
Jul 28, 2022

Carbon Dioxide has nothing to do with the climate. CO2 in the atmosphere is a result of warming, not a cause.


Jack Hiller
Jack Hiller
Jul 27, 2022

JG, Your accounting here is exactly right. It seems to me that we may simplify about who the advocates for the new Green religion are by their temperament and purpose. First there are the useful idiots, such as AOC. Second, there are the political manipulators seeking power and profit, such as Al Gore, Brandon, an even Minority leader McConnell.

Climate change is bunkum. Here is a good explanation iof what is going on in the climate from prof Michaels appearing on Mark Levin's program ( )

Adler Pfingsten
Adler Pfingsten
Jul 28, 2022
Replying to



Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach and executive. He is a frequent contributer to the website Real Clear Politics, and has recently published his first novel, No Wind

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