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Worldwide Equity

On his second day in office, Joe Biden shut down our Keystone XL pipeline at the time when we were finally not only energy independent, but one of the world’s leading producers of energy. Why? Biden will claim he did so to reduce our carbon emissions to stop climate change. But three months later, Biden lifted the sanctions Donald Trump had placed on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, giving the Russians the ability to transport their oil from their Arctic to Germany and the rest of Europe, making Russia one of the world’s leading energy producers, enriching and emboldening them to help finance their nefarious actions, like an invasion of Ukraine. If reducing carbon emission was the reason for shutting down the Keystone Pipeline, why would Biden open up Nord Stream for the Russians?

On Friday, China, who was exempted from the greenhouse gas restrictions set forth in the Paris Climate Accords in 2015, ordered 100 million metric tons of coal from Russia. Why was China exempted from the emission standards in the Paris Accords while the United States was to bear the steepest burden in both expense and restrictions? China is the 2nd largest economy in the world and are set to overtake the United States by the end of the decade. Does China care about protecting the rest of the world from the effects of climate change? They will burn every last ounce of that coal and spew its carbon into the world’s atmosphere with a smile on their face. The Paris Climate Accords was never about protecting the world’s climate; it was mainly about knocking America down and lifting other countries up, imposing “equity” on the world.

In February, Joe Biden also lifted the sanctions the Trump administration imposed on Iran who continued to build its nuclear weapons program even after signing the 2015 Nuclear Treaty (JCPOA) whose main purpose was to stop Iran’s nuclear program. This is what the left’s idea of worldwide equity looks like; Iran whose leaders chant “death to Israel” having nuclear weapons while the United States is being pushed to reduce our nuclear capabilities. They believe that it is inherently unfair for certain countries to have nuclear weapons, while other countries are prevented from possessing them. They don’t factor in that some of these countries are led by irrational actors, who want these weapons for evil purposes, and will use them preemptively to attack their enemies.

The left believes there is moral and ethical equivalency between Israel and Iran, between France and North Korea. This is why the Clinton administration’s 1994 appeasement of North Korea opened the door for them to obtain nuclear weapons. They handed an unstable despot the ability to blow up another country at its will. They view that as equitable. When in reality it is lunacy. America is a rational actor. Israel is a rational actor. France is a rational actor. North Korea and Iran are irrational actors. Iran, who is one of the leading state sponsors of terrorism and suicide bombing, cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons. A country who sponsors people with the mindset, I will blow myself up just so I can kill my enemies, should never have their hands anywhere near nuclear weapons. But the left believes that it is an equitable for all countries to have nuclear capabilities, even Iran and North Korea. Russia can be deterred by mutually assured destruction; Iran will not. The left goes on and on about background checks to prevent unstable people from owning guns in our country, but they have no problem allowing unstable world leaders from possessing nuclear weapons because it would be inequitable for us to have them while these countries don’t.

But this is what you get when you indoctrinate school age kids, and the entire federal government with Critical Race Theory and the 1619 project. Our citizens are being taught that America is inherently evil, that it was founded on racism and sexism, and that the United States’ wealth was stolen from other countries. This is what happens when you put America last, when you promote a New World Order, when you push for a Worldwide Reset. What Joe Biden and the far left fail to understand is that America is not the richest country in the world because we stole from and exploited other countries; we are the richest country in the world because we are the freest, most democratic, and fairest country filled with opportunities for all our citizens. The ability for someone in America to rise from poverty into the elite class is unprecedented throughout the world. It happens every day because we are a system based on merit – the very concept that the far left wants to remove from America so they can promote their unfair, discriminatory equity agenda into our country.

Why should Americans living today display so much guilt over slavery that ended in the 19th century, yet we give a free pass to Russia who killed 30 million of its own citizen’s during Stalin’s reign in the 20th century? Why is America labelled an evil country and China is given so much deference when they have the blood of Mao’s killing 40 million all over their hands? Why isn’t Germany taken to task daily for the Holocaust? Why are we treating Iran nicely, making concessions to them, when they are the world leader in state sponsored terrorism? Why is the United States the only country made to feel guilty for the crimes in its history while many of these other countries committed far worse atrocities in the nearer history, and are continuing to commit those atrocities to this day? Why does the left continually beat up America while turning a blind eye to the evil in these other countries?

Why is the Biden administration telling us that Ukraine’s border sacrosanct, but our border is racist, and must be eliminated? What is this masochistic inclination by the left to continually tear down America and build other countries up, even though these other countries are far more evil and sinister than we ever have been? It is all about the Great Reset and the New World Order that they are trying to foist upon America and the rest of the world.

Does anyone believe that China will use the Great Reset and New World Order to bring peace and equality to the entire world? Does anyone believe that China will ever put another country’s best interest ahead of their own like we do on a daily basis? Does anyone believe that China will not use the Great Reset as a springboard for their total world domination? China has concentration camps and slave labor in the 21st century – the 21st century. That is China’s mentality. The United States and the rest of the western world eradicated it in our countries in the 19th century, and we are still being vilified for having it at all. The enlightenment has not hit China yet, and our leaders are gladly willing to turn the keys to the world over to them.

That is why Trump had to be stopped. That is why the forces around the world coalesced to drive him out of office. He put America first. He put Americans’ interest first. And in doing so he was also acting in the world’s best interest because the world is the safest and most productive place it can be when America is its leader. When a plane loses oxygen, it is not selfish for the mother to put her oxygen mask on first before helping her child. The strong principled leader must remain strong in order to help those who need help. America is the strong principled leader in the world who can only help other nations if it remains strong, and yet the left wants to destroy America in the name of worldwide equity, and risk putting unstable, evil dictators in charge of the world.

China and Russia if they ascend to the mantle of world leader would rarely use that power or position to help other countries in need. They would use their position to further empower and enrich themselves as they always do. There are countless examples of America using its wealth and military power to help and free other nations, where are the examples of China or Russia doing the same? They use their wealth, they use their power only for one thing, their own self-serving interests. So, putting America first is putting the world first, while pushing for the New World order is only playing into China’s ultimate goal of world domination.

Judd Garrett is a graduate from Princeton University, and a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He has been a contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.

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Feb 20, 2022

Happy President's Day tomorrow Judd!!!

I used to rack my brains trying to figure out Washington. The politicians should surprise no one. They are doing exactly what they said they would do. Humpty Dumpty (America) fell off the wall years ago and DJT tried to find the pieces and start putting him back together again. But Humpty was scattered everywhere and the swamp was threatened and DJT was dismissed. So, I recommend; Lonesome Dove, Temple Grandin, The Untouchables, Apollo 13, Pride and Prejudice, Bourne Identity, The Guardian, Cinderella Man, For the Love of the Game, Moneyball, and many more. Suduko helps instead of the media. Books and walks and Thank You letters do as well.

You and your readers do…


Jack Hiller
Jack Hiller
Feb 20, 2022

Judd, all well said. There is also a common thread between what you say about Rusian and Cinese government motivation and our Leftist, Progressives working a worldwide "reset."

" China and Russia if they ascend to the mantle of world leader would rarely use that power or position to help other countries in need. They would use their position to further empower and enrich themselves as they always do. "

Well, isn't that selfish gain motivation what also characterised the Clinton's with their pay to play foundation, Pelosi as she fed internal government info to her clan for stock trading, and what motivates the Biden grifters? Oh there may be a whole pack of moronic idealists, such as AOC and…


Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach and executive. He is a frequent contributer to the website Real Clear Politics, and has recently published his first novel, No Wind

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