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Occam's Mirror

In 2003, I was coaching for the Miami Dolphins. We were playing the Jaguars, and late in the 4th quarter in a tied game, we were on the 2...

A Tale of Two Scandals

The sexual assault accusation against Joe Biden reveals less about Joe Biden and more about our politics and our society. The clear...

Michael vs LeBron

This is not a discussion on who is the GOAT of NBA basketball. There are strong cases to be made for both. This is about Michael Jordan’s...

Just One Life

“If everything we do saves just one life, then I’ll be happy,” Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, commenting on his continuing his...

2020 is Hindsight

It is fitting that the corona-virus pandemic hit in the year 2020, because the most common activity to engage in this year has been to...

Trump v Biden

It appears that the choice will be between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Why are we left to choose between these two candidates for this...

The Divided States of Corona

The politicalization and villainization of the corona-virus pandemic in America is very destructive and counterproductive. People...

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