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One Person, One Vote

In 1957, seven Cincinnati Reds players were voted into the All-Star game as starters by the fans’ vote. The Reds had a starter at every position, except one, first base where Cardinals’ Hall-of-Famer Stan Musial had been elected. Commissioner Ford Frick recognized that this disparity was not right, so he stepped in and fixed the situation by replacing two Cincinnati players, Gus Bell and Wally Post with future Hall-of-Famers Willie Mays and Hank Aaron who had been excluded by the fans’ vote. This is what occurs when voting is unregulated. When there are no provisions in place to prevent voter-fraud, voter-fraud will occur.

Commissioner Frick explained his actions, “[We] feel that the overbalance of Cincinnati ballots has resulted in the selection of a team which would not be typical of the league.” So, a disproportionate number of votes to people who haven’t shown the ability to warrant that those votes is a red flag of voter fraud. Sound familiar? 15 million more votes than any other candidate in history to Joe Biden? (Red Flag) MLB ended the fan vote in after 1957 All-Star game because it was determined that fans in Cincinnati had taken advantage of the lax voting rules, and stuffed the ballot box in the Red players’ favor.

MLB fans would not get to vote for the All-Star game again until 1970 when Commissioner Bowie Kuhn restored fan voting. Since then, there have been several instances where stuffing the ballot box has occurred in All-Star Game voting, most notably in 2015, when Major League Baseball voided over 60 million votes over suspected fraud when 8 Kansas City Royals players were “voted” in as starters. Bob Bowman, CEO of MLB advanced media said, “it's between 60 and 65 million votes that have been canceled. We don't really trumpet it because if someone thinks they're getting away with it, they'll try to do it again."

The integrity of their sport and their league had been called into question because of lack of proper regulations around the vote, and also people’s willingness to stuff the ballot box. Major League Baseball took steps to fix it. In 2019, the league office made changes to their voting system by adding more regulations which limited fans ability to stuff the ballot box and prevented the abuses that had become prevalent.

Today, Major League Baseball announced it was moving the All-Star Game out of Atlanta, in response to Georgia passing anti-voter fraud legislation. This is an ironic stance for MLB because of their history with fraudulent votes and ballot box stuffing that have plagued the All-Star election process for decades, which caused them to change and restrict their voting methods. MLB should understand that if people are willing to stuff the ballot box for an All-Star game, which is merely an exhibition, people will definitely stuff the ballot box for a Presidential election if anti-fraud voting measures are not in place.

Major League Baseball and others who object to this legislation claim that voter ID requirements are racist, and that minorities have a difficult time obtaining a government issued ID. Are there laws on the books in the United States that prevent black people and people of color from getting an ID? If a black person shows up to a DMV or another government office in an attempt to obtain a government issued ID, are there armed police officers blocking the door, preventing them from entering the building?

Or are their objections based in a belief that black people and people of color are inherently incapable of taking the most basic steps to get an ID? If that is their claim, then their claim is blatantly racist, and they are the ones who are the racist. Black people should be insulted at the very insinuation that the identification requirement to vote is somehow racist because they are incapable. Black people are fully capable of obtaining a government issued ID in order to vote. The steps require to obtain an ID are not more difficult than the steps required to actually vote. So, if they’re incapable of doing the one, then they’re incapable of doing the other. Which we all know both are absolutely not true.

This does a disservice to black people. Not only is it extremely condescending, but calling something racist that is not racist, dilutes the impact of legitimate accusations of racism. Real charges of racism will not be taken as seriously because society has been inundated by so many false charges of racism that it becomes almost impossible to discern between which charges are authentic and which charges are false. The way the Democrats are exploiting and manipulating race in this country not only damages the country in general, but hurts minorities specifically.

Voter ID is not racist. Not in any way, shape or form. The list of activities that need ID is a mile long; flying on a plane, renting a hotel room, renting a car, buying a car, opening a bank account, cashing a check, taking out a library book... the list goes on and on. If requiring ID was racist, all of these industries would be in direct violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Where are all the lawsuits by minorities against these industries based on their ID requirement to use their products?

The people arguing against voter ID, want ballots cast without verifying if the voter is a legally registered voter. They want fraudulent votes to be cast, not because those fraudulent votes would be cast for the other side, but because those fraudulent votes will be cast for their side because they rely on fraud to win.

It is interesting that the party that is against voter ID is completely for American citizens having to jump through more hoops than simply showing an ID in order to obtain a gun which is a Constitutionally protected right no different than the right to vote. It is also very interesting that the same people who believe that showing a simple identification in order to vote is racist, have no problem supporting a Covid vaccine passport in order to travel in the United States. Delta airlines CEO made a public statement claiming that voter ID and verification measures in Georgia's law are racially discriminatory, claiming that “voting reform act that could make it harder for many Georgians, particularly those in our Black and Brown communities, to exercise their right to vote.” Another ironic stance because one of the main requirements to fly on Delta Airlines is to provide identification.

Voter disenfranchisement cuts both ways. A legal voter being denied the right to vote is voter disenfranchisement, but also when illegal or fraudulent votes are cast, that disenfranchises legal voters because it dilutes or cancels their votes. When voting is unregulated, when voter identities are not verified, the incidents of fraudulent votes, of double voting, triple voting, stuffing the ballot box becomes easier, and much more prevalent. And, at the same time, instituting reasonable, commonsense, anti-fraud measures, such as voter ID, helps ensure that only legal voters vote once, and no voters votes are diluted or negated through fraud.

The goal of every election should always be; every legal voter votes, and no illegal voter votes. You cannot have one-person one-vote without voter ID or other methods of verification. It is impossible. It would never happen. And those opposing voter ID know that, and that is precisely why they oppose these measures because they do not want one-person one-vote. They want one-person, multiple votes, as long as it is the right one-person voting the “right” way multiple times. Anti-voter ID people are disenfranchising millions of voters because the fraudulent votes dilute or cancel out legitimate votes.

There are no barriers set in place based on racial lines that prevent black people or people of color from obtaining a government issued ID. None. Zero. There are not any. And any person who claims that requiring an identification to vote or to do any other thing is racist, are lying to you. They are not telling you the truth. And since they are lying to you. It is fair to conclude that their motives are nefarious; they want fraud to be committed. That is precisely why they are working so hard to defeat voter ID laws in the states, and pushing so hard to eliminate voter ID nationally through legislation. They want to commit as much fraud as possible. They are showing their hand, tipping off their strategy and how they plan to win elections; not by appealing to voters, or putting forth an agenda or legislation which makes the country better, or improves the lives of the citizens. No, their plan is to obtain power through manipulation of the voting process because they cannot win based on their agenda, and based on their legislation because as polling data clearly shows most of what they are pushing through Congress is not favored by the majority of the citizens. It is an agenda that will get the politicians proposing it run out of office in the next election cycle unless the vote is rigged in their favor.

Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He is a frequent contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.

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JG .
JG .
Apr 04, 2021

Difference between white people and black people's views on voter ID.

Ami Horowitz: How white liberals really view black voters - YouTube


Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach and executive. He is a frequent contributer to the website Real Clear Politics, and has recently published his first novel, No Wind

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