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Conquering a nation without a military invasion is happening to the United States right now. The geography of the United States – oceans on our eastern and western borders, Canada to our north and Mexico to our south – has always made it very difficult for other countries to invade and conquer. It is one of the keys to our prosperity, our security from foreign invasion. The mass illegal immigration that is flooding into the United States, over the last three years, is designed to take over our country without firing a shot. It would be impossible for Third World countries to conquer the United States militarily, so those who want to destroy America are trying to do so by shifting its demographics through illegal immigration. 


Those who are doing this are motivated by race. They do not believe it is right for the most prosperous country on the planet to be a majority white country. They say that all the time. That is the origin of the term “white privilege”. How dare white people in America be successful. So, they are determined to change the racial dynamic of America through mass illegal immigration. This threatens the core foundation which made America the most powerful and most prosperous country in the world. Those who are objecting to these policies, are not motivated by preserving the racial make-up of the country, but by protecting its foundational principles which made America great.


When former President Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally change” America, he was really saying that ‘the trouble with America is that it is full of white people.’ So, the “fundamental change” he was referring to was changing the demographics of America, which is best achieved through the mass illegal immigration policy that we are suffering through right now. The illegal immigrants who are coming here are mostly uneducated, unskilled, and have no clue of what a functioning Constitutional Republic looks like. They do not even know what a free and fair democracy is. They have only known corruption and authoritarianism from the government they lived under. That’s why their countries are impoverished. This has nothing to do with skin color. These people we are allowing to come in do not believe in America or in American principles.


If you question whether this is actually occurring, in New York City this week, elderly American citizens are being evicted from nursing homes, so those facilities can be used to house illegal immigrants. That is a microcosm of what is happening to America. Americans are being displaced, literally, by illegal immigrants, and it is our government officials who are facilitating that process. We are replacing Americans who love our country with non-Americans who despise it. And 20 years from now, we are going to wonder why America imploded right before our eyes. The illegal immigrants are here to exploit American prosperity, not to contribute to it. They do not love America; they love what they can take from America.


The real solution for these people is for their countries is to adopt the political systems and ideologies of the West so they can elevate their countries to the freedom, the human rights and the prosperity that the Western world enjoys. But, instead of working to turn their own country into United States, they are trying to turn the United States into the Third World country they fled, filled with crime, violence, drug cartels and corruption. Everything about these Third World countries that makes their citizens want to flee, mass illegal immigration is bringing to America.  The United States becoming Mexico, does not solve the endemic problems of Mexico. It just hurts everybody.


This is all intentional, and it is not exclusive to impoverished countries. In her book, The Secret Apparatus: The Muslim Brotherhood's Industry of Death, counterterrorism expert Cynthia Farahat stated that the Muslim Brotherhood's "endgame" is to murder every non-Muslim and "destroy Western civilization." And they are doing so by flooding the West with Muslim refugees. Hamas attacks Israel forcing Israel to strike back. This creates a Palestinian refugee crisis. None of their Middle Eastern neighbors, their fellow Muslims – Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon – will accept even one Palestinian refugee. Where will all those refugees end up? The West – Europe and America.


That was one of Hamas’ motivations for attacking Israel, to create a refugee crisis which causes hundreds of thousands of Muslims to seek asylum in the United States and Europe which will change the ideology of the West. So, the objection to all of this is not racial, it is one hundred percent ideological. People from the Middle East do not believe in the systems of government in the West. They do not believe in democracy; they do not believe in human rights; they do not believe in our Constitution. The United States tried to impose Western democracy on Iraq, and within a month of the US leaving, it collapsed into authoritarianism.


These people are hostile to everything America stands for. They believe in theocracy while we believe in separation of church and state. Look at what is going on across America in our cities and college campuses. Yesterday, Pro-Palestinian protesters, carrying swastikas, swarmed midtown Manhattan in order to stop the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Changing the demographics of a country, changes the ideology and belief systems of the country. And what is the result, mass protests across America supporting Hamas’ deadly terrorist attacks on Israel, and young Americans using social media to show their support for Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist attacks on 9/11. Ironically, the people who are trying to change the racial dynamic of America because of our history of racism are turning the country over to the most-evil racist people in the world today.


So, the people from the Third World and Islamic countries, flood into the West, not because they believe in the principles of government or the culture and lifestyles of the West, they are coming to the West in order to turn the West into the very countries that they have fled. They are using, the rights, freedoms and the generosity of the West in order to destroy the West. And once these illegal immigrants have destroyed the West and are forced to live under the very systems of government that they fled, they will have no other country to go to. Once America is destroyed and turned into a Third World country, or a corrupt dictatorship, they will be no more America to flee to.


This is happening within America by American citizens, as well. For the last 3 to 4 years there’s been a mass exodus out of states, like California, New York and New Jersey, and into states like Texas and Florida. These liberals are fleeing the policies and the politicians that they voted for – high taxes, high regulations, soft on crime, government lockdowns, mandates – for brighter pastures in states that are prospering from not having those big government policies, but once enough of these Northeast or West Coast liberals have inundated these freedom loving states, they will turn those states into the very states from which they fled. And when Florida becomes New York, and Texas becomes California, there will be no Florida or no Texas left to flee to. 


And that is what they want, both within our country and across the world. They want all the bastions of classic liberalism – freedom, human rights, self-determination, democracy – to be destroyed so that those things are no longer an option, so that all people will be forced to live under the authoritarian rule that both American leftists and Third World dictators believe everyone should live under.




Judd Garrett is a graduate from Princeton University, and a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He has been a contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.

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1 Comment

Jack Hiller
Jack Hiller
Nov 30, 2023

JD, Thanks for this brilliant blog, which I have shared with friends.


Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach and executive. He is a frequent contributer to the website Real Clear Politics, and has recently published his first novel, No Wind

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