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Britain's Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday at age 96, ending her 70-year reign as Queen of England – the longest reign in the history of that monarchy. The usual race baiter came out of the woodwork to stomp on her grave. Former ESPN host, Jemele Hill wants to examine Queen Elizabeth II's role in the "devastating impact of continued colonialism. ABC’s Sunny Hostin said, “the monarchy… was built on the backs of black and brown people. She wore a crown with pillaged stones from India and Africa.”

But the most disturbing commentary was tweeted by Carnegie Mellon University professor Uju Anya. As Queen Elizabeth was suffering shortly before her death, professor Anya called her a "wretched woman" and a "genocidal colonizer" who is "the chief monarch of a thieving raping genocidal empire." She also added, "May her pain be excruciating."

Let’s be very clear, this person does not actually care about anybody who was exploited or killed by British colonization. She has no compassion for people who are suffering because that is not part of who she is as a person. She revealed who she is in her tweets – a person without a soul. Only a soulless person would wish an excruciating painful death on 96-year-old woman. In Christianity, we are taught the exact opposite. Jesus healed the wounded ear of one of the soldiers who came to take him to his death. In America, we have moved to lethal injection as the accepted means of execution because we want the deaths of viscous murderers to be as painless as possible. Wishing death on someone is bad; wishing an excruciatingly painful death on someone is evil, soulless.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that deep inside her heart, she is glad that people in those countries were killed by genocide because their deaths give her a weapon that she can use against people she hates - white people. That is what race baiters do. If she really cared about victims of genocide, then she would be an outspoken condemner of the genocide which is occurring against the Uyghurs in China today, but sadly, her Twitter feed is eerily silent about that genocide. She is doing nothing to create public awareness to help put an end to that atrocity because it means absolutely nothing to her because she cannot use their suffering to her advantage.

You could argue that she is only concerned about atrocities that are committed against people of her race. That’s fair enough. But she has no tweets about the Rwandan genocide that occurred back in the 1990s which killed hundreds of thousands of black Rwandans. Not one word condemning that genocide against African people, people of her own race. Why? Because that genocide was committed by other Africans, so she cannot leverage the suffering of those people to her advantage in this intellectual race war she is waging. So, genocide doesn’t bother her, not even genocide committed against black people unless she can use it as a cudgel against white people.

Scrolling through her twitter feed, she has numerous tweets condemning slavery in America that ended over 150 years ago. Slavery rightfully should be condemned - slavery in all forms, against all people. Yet she does not condemn the widespread practice of slavery that is occurring across Africa, the Middle East and China today, where over 20 million people are still enslaved. Her home country of Nigeria currently has over 1 million people living as slaves which is more than all the 16 other West African countries put together. Not one tweet, not one word from her because the slave owners of present-day slavery are people of color. That oppression, those atrocities cannot be pinned on white people.

She has also been silent about the fact that Carnegie-Mellon has received millions of dollars from China and the Middle East where genocide and slavery is rampant in 2022. Every one of her paychecks that she receives every two weeks, and the pension she will receive for the rest of her life, is partially funded by genocidal and slave owning countries of color, yet she gladly cashes every check while speaking out against slavery and genocide committed by white people. The only atrocities this professor condemns are the ones that can be exploited to knock white people down and lift her up. She does not care about people’s suffering because she is empathetic to their pain. She lacks the capacity for empathy that’s why she prayed for an excruciating death of Queen Elizabeth. She takes pleasure in other people’s pain.

In the United States where Professor Anya lives and works, over 6,000 black people are killed every year by other black people, and she has not tweeted one word about that. She has not used her position or power to speak out against that atrocity in hopes of saving one life of all those black people who are killed. She does not care about those black people’s tragic deaths because she cannot exploit them. She has been spoken out about the deaths of black people when they are killed by a white person or by a police officer because those deaths are useful to her. She welcomes those deaths as something to take advantage of because she has no soul.

This is not exclusive to this one professor at Carnegie-Mellon University. Her soulless exploitation of certain deaths of black people and her willful ignoring of other black people’s deaths is endemic throughout the race-warring factions in our country. If this was just about one random anonymous college professor, I would not spend a whole article on her, but she is representative of the entire culture on the left who exploit tragedy for their own advancement.

The same people who are clutching their pearls believing that the riot at the Capital on January 6th was an existential threat to America, cheered on the BLM riots which burned, destroyed, wounded and killed in our major cities for five months exponentially more than anything that happened at the Capital. The same people who mourned and protested the killing of George Floyd, a convicted felon, are willfully silent about the dozens of innocent black people who are gunned down every weekend from the bullets fired by the guns of other black people.

Over 700 illegal immigrants have died this year on the long dangerous journey to cross our southern border from Central and South America. Each one of those deaths are of a person of color and can be directly tied to Joe Biden’s open border policy. Not one word spoken by one Democrat about those people’s tragic deaths, not a word from AOC or Ilian Omar or Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer, the same people who were in tears over Donald Trump’s treatment of border crossers who ended up in the cages that Barack Obama had built. AOC’s tears for the so-called “kids in cages” were crocodile tears because she has shown no care or compassion for the kids Joe Biden is putting into coffins.

So, it’s all fake. These people have no compassion. These people have no empathy. These people have no soul. Only a soulless person makes the calculation of factoring in how much a person’s death benefits them and their cause before deciding whether to speak out about and publicly mourn the victim or not. And if the people’s race is factored into their calculation, then they are not only soulless but racist. So, the tears are fake; the outrage is manufactured; the protests are staged. It is all political theatre. It’s all manipulation and exploitation; exploit their deaths; exploit your compassion, for their own political gain.

And these illegal immigrants who the Democrats are encouraging to risk their lives to come here are coming to work for substandard wages in substandard conditions so they will maximize the profit of the Democrat donors in corporate America. So those Democrats do not care about the lives of illegal immigrants. They only care about them to the extent that they can be exploited to further their political causes and give them more power. So, in the end, the Democrats in Washington and their supporters like the Carnegie-Mellon professor are not much different than the British colonizers who exploited and killed people of color for their own enrichment and empowerment because that has not only been the net effect of Joe Biden’s southern border policy, but also the ideological race war that the far-left has been waging.

Judd Garrett is a graduate from Princeton University, and a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He has been a contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.

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Adler Pfingsten
Adler Pfingsten
Sep 11, 2022

Americans will have to necessarily gain the courage to risk being called a “racist” given the need to strip away the cloak of invisibility created by neo-Marxists to protect their cannon fodder…the entirely dysfunctional black subculture. It begins with embracing the truth; God does not recognize race per se but does emphasize greater and lesser peoples and cultures with the ‘prime directive’ being the greater is tasked with elevating the lesser but never is the greater to be made less by contact with the lesser e.g. RAP “music” by the likes of Cardi B and her song WAP (Wet Ass Pussy).

British colonialism is the best thing that ever happened to sub-Saharan Africa and there is a measure. When Britain…


Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach and executive. He is a frequent contributer to the website Real Clear Politics, and has recently published his first novel, No Wind

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