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The Boy Who Cried Covid

We all know the story. The boy was tending the sheep, and he cried “Wolf! Wolf!” to see if the people in the village would come running to save him, which they did. After they left, he cried “Wolf!” again, and the people came running again. He then proceeded to cry “Wolf!” again and again, so often that the people grew tired and suspicious of his cries for help. And then one time the wolf actually showed up, no one in the village heeded the boy’s call, and he and the sheep were eaten by the wolf.

There are scientific reports suggesting that repeated vaccinations and boosters could lead to immunological exhaustion, or “immune system fatigue”. If we continually stimulate in short spans of time our immune systems to hyperactivity as the Covid vaccines do, the T-cells and B-cells will become unresponsive, and begin to tolerate the virus, creating a lack of immunity. Essentially, each shot of the vaccine is like the boy crying “Wolf!”, and the immune system, like the people in the village, overtime will grow tired of being put on alert, and will eventually stop responding.

We were initially told that we needed “two weeks to slow the spread”. Then we were told to shut down businesses, lock down schools, and close churches to end the pandemic. Then the people in power claimed that mandating masks and vaccines would get our lives back to normal. And now, two years into Covid, the people of the United States have grown tired; they are experiencing Covid-exhaustion.

Last year, our current President Joe Biden said, "Anyone who's responsible for that many deaths[220,000] should not remain as President of the United States of America." He was referring to President Trump, claiming that if he[Biden] were President, he would “shut down the virus”. Biden argued that our Federal government’s response to Covid under President Trump was inadequate, and that was the reason why Covid was such a devastating problem.

One year later, the virus is still raging, and the areas of the country where Covid-Restrictions are the most draconian, such as Washington, DC, and New York, are reporting the highest daily average of coronavirus cases per capita in the U.S. After Joe Biden endorsed mask and vaccine mandates earlier this year, daily cases of coronavirus have reached record highs in U.S. To date, more people have died under Joe Biden due to Covid than under Donald Trump, but there is no indication that Biden will step down in the face of his obvious failures to stop the virus. Joe Biden recently warned us that it’s going to be a “winter of severe illness and death”, claiming that we are all going to die from the omicron variant if we do not do exactly as he tells us to do.

Politicians, especially those at the Federal level, are famous for making pronouncements of how they are the solution to every problem, and how they can even control and contain the forces of nature. Barack Obama said he was going to stop the oceans from rising, and heal the planet. Green politicians, like AOC, claim that they can control the weather, and the climate, and that their agenda will reduce the number of hurricanes and tornadoes that hit us each year. All these wonderful things come with a price tag; more tax dollars from us, more power to them, and less freedom and rights for the American people.

But it appears that the bigger government gets the less efficient and less effective it becomes. Our politicians have accumulated $29 trillion in debt, and our problems are still raging. Can anyone name one problem the government has solved? There are plenty of problems the government has created, though. We can’t control the border or illegal immigration, inflation is out of control, violent crime is up 150% in many of our major cities, our public schools are failing, the opioid epidemic has killed over 100,000 this year alone, sex trafficking is at an all-time high. We had troops in Afghanistan for 20 years, spending over a trillion dollars fighting the Taliban, and the day we left, the Taliban took over Afghanistan as if we had never been there, except they took possession of $90 billion of our weaponry we left behind. Our government cannot even execute a surrender properly.

And in the face of all these failures at the Federal level, the politicians want more and more and more from us. And if we don’t give them more, they tell us that we are bad people. Squad members have called Senator Joe Manchin a “racist” for not voting for Biden’s Build Back Better boondoggle, even though, there is no racial component to his “no” vote. It was strictly based on fiscal responsibility. But if you do not do as the squad says, you’re a “racist”. Just as if you don’t do everything the Democrats want you to do, if you don’t support their agenda, you’ll die a painful death as a horrible person.

The problem with these types of tactics is the same problem that the boy who cried wolf fell into. If you falsely cry “racism” this often, when there is a real instance of racism, people will be less likely to believe you. And if you make-up or exaggerate threats for political purposes as often as our politicians do, when we are facing a legitimate threat, most people will not take you seriously because they will have grown too weary, too fatigued of your false alarms.

Joe Biden admitted yesterday that there is “no Federal solution” to stopping Covid. It was a level of honesty that only a politician with compromised cognitive ability would revel, or someone who has grown so weary of telling so many lies, that the truth actually broke through the façade. He was right. There is no Federal solution to Covid, as there is no Federal solution to many of the problems that our politicians in Washington champion. They fail again and again. The government is usually only successful at trampling rights of citizens, seizing more and more power for themselves, taking more of our money, more of our freedoms. Our politicians are experts at doing that.

Like the people in the village, or our immune system after our 4th Covid booster shot, many Americans have grown tired of all of these fear tactics, false accusations, and unmitigated failures. We have developed Covid fatigue, and false accusations of whatever “ism” they can think of fatigue. We have grown tired of the lies, and the incompetence coming out of Washington. Let’s stop all of this. Let’s stop the fear tactics. Let’s stop the false accusations. Let’s stop pretending that the government is the answer to our problems. Let’s start allowing the people, the citizens of the United States to live their lives again, on their own terms.


Judd Garrett is a graduate from Princeton University, and a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He has been a contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.

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Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach and executive. He is a frequent contributer to the website Real Clear Politics, and has recently published his first novel, No Wind

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