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The Peter Principle

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

When Joe Biden first became President, I thought he was the living embodiment of the Peter Principle, an aged politician rising to the level of his incompetence. But that was being too generous to him. The Peter Principle requires that the person has actually accomplished something to warrant his position of incompetence. The biggest accomplishment in Biden’s political career is managing to get re-elected six times.

In 2020, Joe Biden was foisted upon the American public as an empathetic and competent leader. But nothing could have been further from the truth. His entire 40-year political career has been marred with incompetence, dishonesty, and mean-spirited attacks. In 1987, Biden led the dishonest partisan attack on Judge Robert Bork which derailed his Supreme Court nomination; it was the most vicious attack on a Supreme Court nominee until Biden’s “public lynching” of Justice Clarence Thomas four years later. Dishonesty and divisiveness is who Joe Biden is.

In 1965, at Syracuse Law school, Biden was caught plagiarizing five pages from a published law review. He initially failed the course, but was allowed to retake it, and eventually earned his degree. His biggest failure from that episode is that he did not learn from that mistake of his youth. Years later, as a politician, Biden was also caught plagiarizing speeches of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock, forcing him to drop out of the Presidential race in 1988. These revelations were not simply “October Surprises” weaponized to destroy a campaign. These transgressions mattered. They revealed the character of Joe Biden -- Presidential candidate. Biden is what those plagiarized speeches showed him to be, a fraud.

He and his family have been exploiting his public office for personal gain for over 40 years. That is why the Hunter Biden laptop story mattered. It was revealing. It showed the voter who Joe Biden really is. But that was covered up by the media, censored on Facebook and Twitter. Imagine if those real stories of his fraudulent activities were allowed to come out. Would he be in the White House right now? There is a good chance he wouldn’t.

Frauds always get exposed sooner or later. In the case of our current “President”, it was sooner. Anyone objectively paying attention to American politics over the last year and a half, would easily conclude that Joe Biden is not cognitively, intellectually, and emotionally competent to be President of the United States, and the very people who are charged to expose his incompetence, the media, not only failed in that task, but they ran cover for him. As a result, the worst Presidential campaign ever run by the least energetic and inspiring candidate, received 11 million more votes than anyone else in history.

During the campaign, Biden hid in his basement for months on end, emerging for brief heavily scripted media sessions, interviewed only by friendly journalists who asked pre-approved questions, and he was allowed to read his answers from note cards or a tele-promoter. That right there was obvious proof of his incompetence, but the media onlookers fawned all over every one of these sessions as if they were witnessing Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address in real time.

The times Biden went off-script were embarrassingly revealing, such as telling a black journalist, that if he didn’t vote for him, he “ain’t black”. His campaign rallies were equally embarrassing. He was unable to inspire more than 20 cars to show up to his rallies in two of the biggest cities in Pennsylvania. There was no energy, no passion from him or for him.

The main stream media and social media did most of the heavy lifting for Biden; relentlessly attacking his opponent, continually spinning everything he did or said to the positive, covering up bombshell scandals, and censoring his opponent. In the Presidential debates, time and again, the moderators either answered the questions for Joe Biden as he stumbled around to string together a coherent sentence, or they continually cutoff his opponent to the point of silencing his mic because he was continually underscoring Biden’s cognitive decline.

If Joe Biden was vetted honestly during the campaign, all of his cognitive decline and incompetence would have been laid bare, and he wouldn’t be sitting in the seat he is right now. Presidential campaigns are supposed to stress the candidates to the point where the voter can determine if the candidates have the mental, emotional and intellectual ability and stamina to handle the strenuous job of President. But nothing was honest in the last election. The powers to be did everything to prevent Joe from being tested that way because they knew he would fail miserably, so they protected him every step of the way. And when he assumed the office of President of the United States, he was woefully incapable of performing the duties required of him.

Everything that we are seeing play itself out in real time, whether it is in Kabul, on the southern border, in our inner-cities, inflation, energy, every crisis or colossal mistake is a direct result of the fraud that was the 2020 Presidential election. Even if you do not believe that the actual voting process was fraudulent, there was obvious coordinated efforts by the DNC and the Biden campaign with mainstream media, big tech and social media to manipulate the voters and turn this election in favor of Biden.

Did anyone actually believe it was going to turn out any different? The last three times Joe Biden ran for President and he was vetted properly, he garnered a grand total of zero delegates from his own party, but the puppet masters turned him into the greatest Presidential candidate of all time even though his level of incompetence is unprecedented. He was incapable of running a campaign, or even sitting for a non-scripted interview, yet, he was handed the keys to the most powerful country in the free world?

This is what you get when the elites, big tech power brokers, and the media think they are smarter than everyone else, and decide to impose their will on the people. They come together to manipulate the voters and the voting process for their own advantage because Trump’s “America First” agenda was too much of a threat to their globalist self-interests. So, they thwart the vote of the American people, the democratic process, and use their power to install a President. For over a year, they covered up the fraud that Biden was as a candidate, as a Senator, and now we, the American people, have to live with the fraud he is as a President.


Judd Garrett is a graduate from Princeton University, and a former NFL player, coach, and executive. He has been a contributor to the website Real Clear Politics. He has recently published his first novel, No Wind.

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Judd Garrett is a former NFL player, coach and executive. He is a frequent contributer to the website Real Clear Politics, and has recently published his first novel, No Wind

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